5 EMBODIED Ways to Open Your Crown for More Bliss


This week, we finish our series on “5 Embodied Ways to Boost and Balance Each Chakra” by looking at the crown chakra. If you’re new to the series, here are the other videos:

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It’s funny doing an embodied video on the crown because it’s the one chakra that is not embodied.

And as you may have guessed, it’s harder to find embodied healing practices for the crown. Because the crown is all about the immaterial, everlasting world of energy. It’s our connection to the Divine and to everything else. It’s our portal to true freedom and bliss.

Still, I think I came up with 5 really strong practices.

Please watch the video as it covers subtleties I don’t include here.


  1. Do sunroof meditative exercise
  2. Meditate with frankincense (as it calms the body)
  3. Do Tapping/EFT
  4. Use My Crown Chakra Healing Tattoo (check the video for instructions on the best place to wear it).
  5. Do the Energy Expansion Meditation (I walk you through it)


Love and blessings,

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