5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Root (in an EMBODIED Way)

Hello Beautiful Soul, this week we begin a new series that focuses on healing your chakras in an embodied way. As usual, we’ll start by healing the root chakra (the foundation) and work our way up.

Often when people approach the chakras, they do so in an ethereal way. They focus on doing visualizations, meditations or other energy healing practices. This is understandable, because the chakras themselves are ethereal energy centers that the average person can’t see or touch.

But when we work with our chakras at only the energetic level, our bodies never get the memo. We’re living, breathing beings with habits and preferences that are imprinted in our physical bodies. So when we try to shift our energy centers without involving our bodies, those healing shifts never really take hold.

What we want when doing chakra healing is to make the new positive/expanded energetic states our new normal. We want to physically integrate any healing into our every day life so we can literally embody a whole new state of being.

In this series, I’m focusing on practices that I believe will affect you at the physical level. Of course, they won’t create any bodily change if you don’t DO them. The first key to embodied change is to not just to engage in effective practices that anchor in new energetic states, but to do so repeatedly.

And if you can have FUN while doing them, that’s even better! Studies have shown that we learn faster and more effectively when we’re enjoying the learning process.

Please note that you’ll only want to do the embodied chakra practices of this week’s video (or any in this series) IF your the particular chakra I’m focusing on (in this case, the root) needs boosting. Because doing root chakra-boosting exercises wouldn’t be good for you if you already have excess root energy.

I’ve shot a couple series that help you identify the state of your chakras. This series shows you the signs for weakness in any of your chakras. And this video shares the signs that tell you if a chakra is overactive.

Additionally, you can take this great chakra test (in 5-10 minutes) to get an assessment of the current state of all your chakras. You’ll get the best results from this test if you take it quickly and answer the questions as instinctively as you can. And if you don’t overthink or try to get a “good” score. 

Whatever your assessment (from my videos or the test), please treat yourself with all the loving acceptance you can muster. We can only heal the hurt parts of ourselves in a field of self-love and self-acceptance. Trauma creates injury, and love is the antidote that creates healing. The results for any chakra test are not “good” or “bad.” They’re just an assessment (a map) that can help you consciously step into more of your own (already existing!) potential.

Watch the video above, dear one, and let me know if my tips work for you — or not. And share anything else you feel compelled to share here on my youtube channel.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Love and blessings,

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