5 Embodied Ways to Open Your Third Eye


This week we continue our embodiment series. We’re now on the 6th chakra, so I share several fun, effective ways to open your third eye in the video above.

Your third eye chakra is in the middle of your forehead and it’s your highest feminine chakra. Corresponding to the color indigo and the frequency of light, this chakra relates to your intuition, psychic abilities, clear perception, inner wisdom and appreciation of beauty.

It’s also tied to your dream life and imagination. That’s why I always feel like it’s so joyous to work with the third eye!

Unfortunately, I find that some people can get overly-serious about the third eye and the crown, because they’re both so clearly connected to the realm of the Divine. It’s almost like we feel we need to put on a cloak of piety when we work with our upper chakras.

For me, this is a waste and a shame, because I think the Divine wants us to enjoy this physical realm! We’re here as a slice of the Divine in human form and we get to experience pleasures that can’t be experienced in a non-corporal realm. So play why not play all out?!

Still, since the two highest chakras are more closely associated with the spiritual realm, it can be hard finding EMBODIED ways to boost them. I think the ones I came up with for this are fun!

So please watch my video above to find out what they are. And after you’ve watched, will you take a minute to comment here on my youtube channel? I’d love to hear how these practices work for you, or discover any others you think are good for opening the third eye.

I love when you comment, Beautiful Soul, because we all learn from each other. We’re in this journey of (embodied!) spiritual evolution together.

Have an intuitive and visionary week!

Love and blessings,

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