3 Goddesses That Boost and Heal Your Root Chakra

This week we’re beginning a fun, new series where we look at three goddesses that boost and balance each chakra. Of course, we’re starting at the root and working our way up.

So which three goddesses best exemplify and magnify the energy of the root chakra?

The root chakra is your most foundational chakra. It’s located in your tailbone area at the base of your spine. It’s red, dense and connected to the element of earth and this material realm and time passing. This means it relates to your body and health (as well as death), your wealth, your home and your family. It’s quite literally about your roots.

It’s is also tied to the qualities of security and safety, organization, simplicity and foundation — just to name a few.

For this video, I chose three goddesses who emphasize different aspects of the root chakra.

3 Root Chakra Goddesses

  1. VESTA – The Roman Goddess (as well as her Greek counterpart, Hestia) who represents hearth and home as well as family. She’s warm, virginal, caring and helps good things in life endure.
  2. KALI – She’s recognized in many different traditions across the globe in different forms. She represents death, destruction and cutting through the illusions of time and ego. She’s strong, brutally honest and helps to destroy old things and disillusionment, so the new can be born
  3. LAKSHMI – One of the most popularly recognized Hindu goddesses. Laksmi is about material wealth, as well as good health and luck in life. She helps us to appreciate this material world and to enjoy it.

In the video above, I go into deeper detail about why these powerful goddesses represent the root chakra (and provide images of them).

I also share several questions you can ask yourself to bring more of their transformational energy into your life — and boost your root chakra.

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Whichever version you choose, here are the lyrics so you can sing along (watch out, it will play in a fun loop in your head):


Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyay Swaha (4x)

[CHORUS]: Thank you for my health and the wealth of love in my life. Thank you for today and the way I’ve learned from the strife. Thank you, Universe. Thank you for everything. Thank you, Goddess, you make me want to sing…

Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyay Swaha (4x)


Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyay 

Swaha (4x)

If you have root chakra goddesses you like, please share them here on my youtube page.

Also, if you’ve enjoyed this post, you may want to look at a couple other fun series I did. This one looks at the different Spirit Animal That Boost and Balance Each Chakra. And this one is for Healing the Divine Feminine.

Create an amazing week, beautiful soul!

Love and blessings,

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