5 Embodied Ways to Heal Your Throat Chakra


This week, I’m sharing some fun, powerful ways to boost your throat chakra. The title says five, but I actually include a bonus one, so there are six.

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I love the throat chakra, because it’s the first of the upper chakras (that are all about Spirit). And it’s where the magic of manifestation begins.

It’s related to the etheric template layer of our auric field. And it’s where the words (sounds and intentions) we communicate plant seeds that manifest.

I’m not going to give away all six throat chakra embodiment tips here, because I really want you to watch the video to get all the nuances of what I’m sharing.

But I will tell you that practice number 1 is the “Yes/No Exercise” and it is super powerful. Find out how to do it and give it a shot for a month, dear one. If you do, I feel really confident you’ll see your communication become more authentic and tied to your true purpose.

Keep in mind that your purpose is not something “out there” in the world waiting for you to discover it. Rather, it’s inside you. And it’s inviting you to be so utterly yourself that you can’t do anything but IT — what you came here to do. In other words, inviting you to do what is most natural and authentic for you.

And also be aware that your authenticity and purpose are not stagnant things, but unfolding processes. You are energy moving and expanding. Energetically, you’re new every moment.

In fact, I inadvertently demonstrate this with practice number 3 in the video above. As I demonstrate it, you can literally see (and especially hear in my voice) my energy get more ascended, embodied and aligned.

The bottom line is this: when lived authentically, your life becomes an ongoing process of getting to know yourself anew over and over again. And the throat chakra is your gateway for the expression of your constantly evolving self. That is why you may have multiple purposes throughout your life. We all grow and change, so of course our authentic purpose will too. Or at the very least, it will take on new flavors and directions.

Exciting, huh?

I hope you enjoy the video — and have a very expressive and authentic week!

Love and blessings,

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