FAQs About Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™

There are very simple, 30-second application instructions on the back of each tattoo. All you need is a wet washcloth.

Peel the plastic cover off the tattoo. Place the tattoo face down where you want to affix it. Wet it thoroughly with a washcloth, applying a little pressure as you do it, and then peel the paper off. IF YOU’RE WEARING A TATTOO WHERE CLOTHES MAY RUB, BE SURE TO WASH IT WITH SOAP AND WATER AND PAT DRY. THEN SPRINKLE IT WITH CORN STARCH OR OTHER SAFE POWDER UNTIL THE SURFACE HAS NO STICKINESS.

According to the research of Dr. Masura Emoto, words on water change the molecular structure of water.  The average human body is approximately 55-70% water and all humans have seven key energy centers (called “chakras”) that reside vertically along the spine.

Vicki Howie found that when she put an actual root chakra tattoo on her tailbone, its her anxiety instantly disappeared. And soon after, her finances and stability improved too! Watch this short video to discover how temporary tattoos can heal your chakras.

My Chakra Healing tattoos boost the energy of each chakras and positively shift these areas of your life:

Root –  Grounding, general health, finances, career, family and home.

Sacral – Sexuality, emotional intelligence, creativity, adaptability, intimacy, fertility, joy and ease.

Solar Plexus –  Confidence, courage, motivation, focus, ability to take action, will power, digestion, and mental clarity.

Heart  – Love, compassion, connection, forgiveness, openness, breath, healing abilities and immune system.

Throat – Authentic expression, truth, artistry, communication with others, personal growth, and life purpose.

Third-Eye  –  Intuition, psychic abilities, imagination, non-judgmental perspective, ability to visualize, and appreciation of beauty.

Crown – Spiritual connection, deep knowing and ecstatic bliss spiritual.Solar Plexus

Some of the most common sensations people experience are: a slight buzzing feeling, warmth, more energy, or conversely, a more relaxed and grounded feeling. What you feel, of course, depends on the sensitivity of your body and the chakra(s) you’re boosting. Some less sensitive people don’t perceive any difference even though the tattoos are working just as well for them. Here’s a more in-depth article on what you may feel when wearing the root chakra.

First, because we are approximately 55% – 70% water and fluids circulate throughout the body, it’s actually possible to put a Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoo™ anywhere on the body to boost any chakra.

Still, the recommended placement for maximum benefit is right on the spot on your body where the chakra itself “resides” (see below for slightly adjusted recommendations for the Third-Eye and Crown Chakra Booster Healing Tattoos).

You can see the placement in this photo of the root through throat chakras. Additionally you can watch the video at the top of this page.

Root Chakra (Red) goes at the lowest point on the spine.  You can also put two on the front body – one on the top of each thigh – for a super-grounding experience.

Sacral Chakra (Orange) goes on the sacral plexus.  You can feel and/or see the sacral indents on the lower back.  Place the tattoo in that area.  Note:  it’s okay if the first and second chakra tattoos overlap a bit, since the first chakra tattoo cannot be placed as low as would be ideal (near perineum).  On the front body, the second chakra tattoo goes just below the belly button.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) goes on the solar plexus.  This is the “core” area right below the  divide of the front ribs.  For the proper placement on the back, use the front as a guide, and put it directly behind the solar plexus.

Heart Chakra (Green) goes on the heart center in front and in back.

Throat Chakra (Blue) goes on the middle of the neck in back, and is not recommended for the front – the neck is too soft and uneven in front.  It you really want to place a throat tattoo on the front, you can put it high up on the chest, above the sternum.

 For the Third-Eye and Crown Chakra placements, see the next question.

Third-Eye just above and between the brows. This tattoo can look quite unusual when affixed, so we recommend that you “wear it” at night without any water affixing it. This also means you can re-use it!

Here’s how… peel off the plastic cover, and place the third eye chakra tattoo directly on the brow area. It will stick well, and you can sleep with it like that. In the morning, peel it off and put it inside a zip lock bag, face-down on the plastic. With this kind of temporary application, you do not use water. If you keep your skin free of oils, you should be able to use it at least 7-10 times.

Crown Chakra – If you’re bald, you can wear it on top of your head. If not, a good alternative is to place it on the “high heart” in back. This is the area right between the heart and throat chakras. Remember, you can place the crown chakra (or any other) tattoo anywhere on the body, and still experience positive results.

Yes, there is. The front body relates to the future and moving forward, whereas the back body relates to the past and healing old wounds.

If you want to heal something from your past, put the related tattoo on your back body. In general, it’s good to begin with the back and then move to the front. 

For a really powerful healing, wear the tattoos on both the front and back.

Here are two examples of how the front and back differ:

Heart Chakra – If you’re grieving a past relationship or have trust issues, put a heart chakra tattoo on the back of your heart to heal. If you feel healed around your past intimate relationships, then put one on the front to move lovingly into your future relationships.

Solar Plexus Chakra – If you’re dealing with low self-esteem from childhood, put a solar plexus tattoo on the back to heal. If your past feels healed, but want more confidence and action moving forward, then put it on the front.

Absolutely.  We highly recommend it. It’s a more complete boost when your wear them on front and back at the same time.

We have received considerable customer feedback on this subject, and the consensus is clear: try only one or two tattoos at first. Many customers who put heart through crown tattoos on right from the start reported feeling “overwhelmed” by the energy.

Putting all seven tattoos on at once can result in too much new energy moving through the system. Wearing all seven tattoos is ideal, but you need to gradually build up to that.

Yes. They’re waterproof, but don’t scrub them, as they do wear-off from friction or rubbing of any kind. 

Long baths, especially with oils will cause the tattoos to wear off more quickly.

Regular Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos typically last between 3-7 days depending on activity, skin type, and the state of a given chakra. On rare occasions when all factors (described below) were strong, we have witnessed certain tattoos last as long as 12 days.

If you want in depth information on how to make your tattoos last longer.   CLICK HERE TO READ THE BLOG POST

There are many factors that affect the longevity of all Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. They typically last longer on darker skin than on fair skin, due to pigment. They also last longer on stronger chakras because like attracts like. When a chakra is extremely weak, the tattoo may even peel off directly after application (but we find this happens very rarely).

Some tattoos wear-off more quickly because they’re rubbed by clothing. Rough clothing like jeans, or elastic bands like those of a bra strap, create the most wear. Regular showers will not affect the durability of your tattoos, but taking long baths — especially with any kind of bath oils!! — will definitely shorten their life span.

The tattoos naturally wear-off over time. Still they lose their effectiveness when a substantial portion is worn off, so it’s best to replace them at that time. 

To remove them, simply put a little baby (or mineral) oil on a cotton ball and rub them off. 

Make sure to thoroughly wash off all the oil before applying a new tattoo.

Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos are manufactured in the United States and are FDA approved.  They are made from vegetable-based inks and safe, band-aid type adhesives.

No. Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ work on their own with no conscious effort on your part. They even work while you sleep!

Still, if you want to add conscious intention, that’s great. Other healing tools like stones, aromatherapy, mantras, yoga poses, etc, can be used in conjunction with your tattoos.