Meet Vicki Howie


Vicki Howie’s passion in life is to help you love and honor yourself as the unique being that you are. She wants to inspire you to expand into your highest potential and possibilities.

As an energy healer, empath, yoga teacher and chakra innovator, Vicki has taken the lessons from her early childhood trauma and discovered new ways to heal herself and others. 

As the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™, Vicki has helped thousands of people (in over 55 countries) to boost and balance their chakras and lead more vibrant lives.

She’s also the Creator of the Chakra Life Cycle System that helps you understand the dynamic energies that shape each year of your life. Curious about what Chakra Life Cycle you’re in now? Check out Vicki’s book, Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life or for a more personalized experience, book a Chakra Life Cycle Reading with Vicki.

Vicki has practiced yoga for over 25 years which gives her a deep, embodied understanding of the chakras. She combines modern tools (like hypnotherapy, NLP and tapping) with yogic traditions (like chakras and mantras) to help you achieve big breakthroughs.

Her critically-acclaimed healing album, Chakra Love mixes hooky, modern beats with ancient healing mantras. And Vicki’s latest creation Circling Space is a fascinating online experience where you can practice expanding your self-awareness in the loving presence of others.

When you treat yourself to a private session with Vicki, you’ll benefit from her wealth of experience in the best healing modalities. And that’s not all. You’ll also benefit from her wide-open heart and the loving support of her intuitive guides.