Find Out How Your Destiny Number and Chakra Life Cycle Are Shaping Your Life This Year

In this 30-Min. Private Session with Vicki (via Zoom) You Will:

  • Discover what your main life purpose is according to your birthdate.
  • Learn the two main chakra energies that are influencing you this year.
  • Find out how your Chakra Life Cycle for this year interacts with your destiny number and the opportunities or challenges that may arise.
  • Ask Vicki and her guides a few questions about anything in your life.
  • Get (time permitting) a short reading for someone special in your life to see how your Chakra Life Cycles and destiny numbers correspond.

In the fall of 2012, Vicki downloaded something called The Chakra Life Cycle System. It’s an elegant framework of how we humans energetically develop — and it has proven to be unbelievably accurate in the years since its inception.

Let’s look at an example…

If you’re 35, you’re in your 5-7 Chakra Life Cycle (CLC). This means the most predominant chakra energy for you this year is the 5th (Throat) which is expression, truth and finding your purpose. The complementary chakra energy is the 7th (Crown) which is about deep spirituality and connection to the Divine.

The way these energies can manifest in your life is practically endless. Mary uncovered her love of kirtan at 35 and found much growth and camaraderie as she attended local events and even traveled to retreats. John started a blog full of his spiritual musings, and Jody took her sound healing to the next level through expanded marketing.

All of these are unique expressions of the 5-7 CLC with an emphasis on self-expression and purpose (5) connected to a spirituality (7).

The CLC you’re in does not dictate specifically what you will do — or even what you should do. Rather, it creates a more receptive and supportive atmosphere for certain energies to emerge.

To learn more about Vicki’s Chakra Life Cycle system, you can purchase her book, Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life.

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