5 Embodied Ways to Heal Your Heart Chakra


Welcome to this vlog on how to heal your heart chakra in an embodied way. If you haven ‘t yet seen the other videos of the series, here they are:

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We’re born with an open, innocent heart. As sentient, communal beings, we naturally desire to love and be loved. Unfortunately, that desire to be loved often causes us to block certain qualities and energies inside of us in order to get the love we crave.

It would be different if we all knew how to love and accept each other in a truly unconditional way. Or perhaps I should say in a way that felt truly unconditional. What I mean by this is that a mother may actually love her child no matter what (unconditionally). And yet, she could still, express her loving affection (what the child needs and perceives as love) in conditional ways.

It’s not uncommon for a mother to be more affectionate when she perceives her child to be behaving “well.” And less affectionate if she feels the child is behaving “badly.” This trains the child. He learns that he’ll get more loving affection when he does the things his mother or father like. And less loving affection when he does the things they don’t like.

While deep down, the parents’ are not truly withdrawing their actual love, it feels to the child like they are. This causes him/her to start emphasizing certain parts of himself/herself and hiding other parts.

This is how we learn to judge and repress many aspects of ourselves. These aspects become our shadow (watch my intro series on shadow here — and another on tapping for shadow here).

I just want to emphasize that it’s natural for us to have an open heart. And it’s natural for us to want to give and receive love. If the love, compassion, kindness and healing of your heart chakra feels foreign to you, then you can do exercises that bring you back to your natural state.

These 5 practices (plus one bonus practice) for the heart chakra are some of the easiest ways I know to open your heart chakra.

If you’re not sure if your heart chakra needs boosting, take this quick chakra test to get an assessment.

If you’re heart chakra is already very strong, you may actually want to do the boost your solar plexus or throat chakras instead.

Have fun playing with your spiritual energies!!

Love and blessings,

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