5 EMBODIED Ways to Boost Your Sacral Chakra


Are you ready to play with your Divine Feminine energy? Great! In the above video, I share 5 simple (and hopefully fun) ways to boost your sacral chakra.

If you’ve landed here without seeing the root chakra video for this series, please take a look at it here.

In the root chakra-based opening to this series, I share why we need to do EMBODIED energy healing practices.

I also talk about the importance of assessing your chakras before trying to boost or heal them. If you haven’t yet assessed yours, you can take a great online chakra test here.

I like to think of your sacral chakra as the “seat” of your Divine Feminine energy because it is the lowest of your three feminine chakras (sacral, heart and third eye).

It resides in your pelvis and relates to your creative, playful, childlike, sensual, emotive Self. It also regulates your sense of partnership, surrender, ease and flow. So not surprisingly, the sacral element is water. It’s a sweet “island” between the stable and aggressive earth and fire elements that animate the neighboring masculine root and solar plexus chakras.

In this video, I share five specific ways you can embody your sacral energy more fully. But since this is the creative sacral center, I’m going to playfully challenge you to come up with a few more of your own. Once you have, please share them here on my youtube channel where everyone can benefit.

Just about any activity you can think of that is sensual, playful, emotive or creative will boost your beautiful sacral center.

So start with the ones I’ve shared above, Dear One, and then add some more yummy ones of your own. The more you tap into your wild, spontaneity, the better!

Love and blessings,

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