Open Your Crown Chakra with These 7 C-Words


If you’ve been following this fun series of words that open each chakra, congratulations, we’re now on the final video. This week, we’re going to look at my favorite C-Words that open your crown chakra.

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2020 has been challenging to say the least. And when we’re challenged at the 3D level, the thing that can save us is connecting to the unlimited part of ourselves. This part comes from the crown chakra. Your crown chakra is like an umbilical cord to the Divine.

Unlike the other chakras, it’s not embodied. It’s purpose is not related to the 3D world. Instead, it’s an invitation to rise about it. The crown reminds us that though we live in a body that’s going to turn to dust, our spirit will never die. Our energy and essence are everlasting and will live on.

The crown chakra is the part of us that lovingly observes all that we do and all that we are. It’s our consciousness.

Many people mistakenly belief that consciousness is a set of behaviors that look and feel “spiritual.” But the truth is, consciousness is not a set of behaviors. Rather, it’s our awareness of all of our behaviors. And our acceptance of all that we (and others) do and are.

Consciousness doesn’t ask us to be a particular way. It simply asks us to be aware of how we are being moment-to-moment.

And there you go, I already gave away my first C-Word (ha ha).

What C-words do YOU think open your crown chakra?

Here Are my 7 Favorite C-Words for Opening the Crown Chakra

  1. Consciousness – It’s not a way of behaving but a non-judgmental awareness of all that you do.
  2. Celestial – the crown connects us to the cosmos.
  3. Complete – the crown reminds us that we are always whole (even when we feel broken).
  4. Channel – the crown partners with the throat to bring info from the Divine through you.
  5. Crystal – quartz crystal is a great way to open your crown. I drink it daily (yes, I said DRINK).
  6. Connection – whereas the heart chakra connects us to others, the crown connects us to ALL THAT IS.
  7. Circling – this is my favorite C-Word and it doesn’t just open the crown, but ALL your chakras.

If you want to open your crown, take a moment to feel into which of these C-Words resonates with you the most and then practice it this week.

During this Covid-19 year, where our 3D world is literally being turned upside-down, we’re all being invited to focus more on our spiritual essence.

Your crown is the gateway into the everlasting part of you. It’s your gateway to more awareness, trust and bliss. And these C-Words are tangible ways you can practice opening your Divine gateway.

Have a joyous week, Beautiful Soul!

Much love and many blessings,

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