This Fun Word Game Heals Your Throat Chakra (Really)

If you’ve been following this series, then you know we’re up to the fifth video and we’re now healing your throat chakra.


With special T-Words that relate to things that boost and balance your fifth (vishuddha) chakra.

In this series, I name my favorite healing words that start with the same letter as the chakra itself. If you haven’t seen the other videos, you can access them here:

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If you’re not familiar with your throat chakra, it’s the blue energy center located in your throat that governs your neck, mouth and jaw area. It’s associated with sound/vibration and it helps you express your authentic self, as well as be honorable, innovative and inspirational. It also allows you to live your purpose, because when you’re truly yourself in every moment, nothing but your authentic purpose can emerge out of you.

So can you think of T-Words that heal your throat chakra?

I’m going to share my seven favorite T-Words here (without much detail) in the hope that you’ll watch the video above. Lots of sweet nuances came up as I was shooting it and I’d love to share them with you!

My Favorite 7 T-Words That Boost Your Throat Chakra

  1. Truth (personal not Universal truth)
  2. Take In (really listen to others)
  3. Tune In (really listen to Inner Self)
  4. Transmute (the spiritual alchemy begins here)
  5. Thyroid (the gland that governs the throat chakra)
  6. Trust (vows and whether they’re kept are important)
  7. Transformation (this is where real soul growth happens)

What are YOUR favorite T-Words? Pick your favorites from my list or choose your own. And then share them here on my youtube channel where more people from our Chakra Boosters Tribe will see them and benefit from them.

Dear one, may you have a week of sweet sounds, authentic expression and deep purpose!

Love, joy and blessings,

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2 thoughts on “This Fun Word Game Heals Your Throat Chakra (Really)”

  1. Stephan Dieter Hug

    Transformation…willing to let your ego die…to experiene a new way of being…that was so beautiful…thank you very much Vicki!!! much love and grqtitude….Stephan

  2. Thankyou Vicki Lovely video
    I make chakra oils yep and am using throat which i call lovers (because its about as you know relationships, with self and others.)
    Just to say i am seeing people differently, more deeply. while using it

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