Heal Your Divine Feminine with These 7 Sacral Words

This month, I’m in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, soaking up lots of sea energy. So it felt like the perfect time to create a sacral-boosting video.

For this one, I created 7 different S-Words that remind you of simple ways you can tap into the flowing feminine energy of your sacral chakra.

And I do lots of silly demos in this video — like a headstand and jumping in the ocean. The sacral is all about cutting loose, so I tried to get into that spirit. Let me know what you think!

Your sacral chakra is the orange energy center that’s located in the core of your pelvis. It’s element is water and it’s associated with your emotions, flow, ease, surrender, creativity, fertility, sensuality and intimacy.

Here Are 7 S-Words That Boost Your Sacral Chakra/Divine Feminine

  1. Shake It Up – the sacral chakra is the opposite of the root, so where the root is about routine, the sacral is about VARIETY. So shake it up!
  2. Soften – let your hair down and relax. Our masculine world can be rough and full of tough edges. Soften and let the feminine in.
  3. Sensitize – the sacral is all about living through your senses and experiencing true sensuality. Allow yourself to smell, taste, see, touch and hear more.
  4. Sweeten (Your Life) – enjoy the sweeter things of life — literally and metaphorically. Everyone knows we have a pain threshold, but did you know we also have a pleasure threshold? How much good can you let in?
  5. Seek – be curious. The sacral chakra is the host of our inner child. It’s about play, joy and spontaneity. And curiosity is the engine of those things. So pique your curiosity and be young again!
  6. Surrender – how, where and when can you give up control? Find windows in your day where you can just surrender either to the Universe or to someone around you who is can hold the masculine energy and allow you to relax into a more feminine frequency.
  7. Submerge – the sacral center is the water chakra. That’s why I filmed this at the ocean. And it’s also why submersing yourself in a tub, pool, lake, river, ocean or float tank is a lovely way to boost your sacral energy.

I hope these suggestions are fun for you. Let me know which ones you like best here on my youtube channel.

Much love and many blessings,

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5 thoughts on “Heal Your Divine Feminine with These 7 Sacral Words”

  1. Enjoyed the sacral chakra a new polarity of centring and realise in depth uplifting and being in line with joy and our curiosity helping to balance what serves for perspire expanse and our environment de- stresses shaken and stired opening new doors in divine connection or inner being in the mode of prosperity

  2. Great video, Vicki. I’m just starting to realize that your videos have a lot of depth.
    Would you please send me the link (or point out where it is on the 7 feminine s-words video) to the relaxing video of the women floating on water?
    Thanks so much, and you are truly a beautiful soul.

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