Let's Play and Heal: What H-Words Open Your Heart Chakra?

Welcome to the fourth video of this fun series where we look at words that heal each chakra that start with the same letter the chakra does. We’re on the heart chakra now, so we’re going to play with H-words.

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The heart chakra is the green center chakra in our energy field. It’s element is air and it’s all about unconditional love, compassion, kindness, equilibrium, healing and connection.

Can you think of some words that start with H that open and heal your heart?

It’s our most essential embodied chakra as it’s represents our balance point and our essence. That’s why LOVE is so fundamental to our human experience.

Who doesn’t want to expand into more love, acceptance and peace???

So. I’m going to give you all the H-Words I came up with here, but I hope you’ll still watch the video. I shot it on Playa Bonita in Puerto PeƱasco, Mexico and some of the stuff that came through surprised me in a really good way.

In the video, I share why the heart is the healing chakra, what hugging does for you, what it really means to “serve” another and I also give you a whole new, more empowering way to look at humility.

You ready to play?

Here are My 7 Favorite H-Words for Opening Your Heart Chakra

  1. Help
  2. Hands
  3. Hug
  4. Heart
  5. Heal
  6. Harmonize
  7. Humility

Watch the video to find out why each word is a conduit for heart healing.

And if I missed YOUR favorite H-Word, please share it here on my Youtube Channel.

Create a lovely, loving week!

Blessings and xoxo,

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