Let's Play: What R-Words Can Heal Your Root Chakra?

In this playful series, I’m taking the first letter of each chakra and creating a list of words starting with that letter that heal and boost that chakra. This week, we’re looking at the root chakra, so I have 10 fun r-words to share with you.

Can you guess what some of them may be?

Try. Cause when your mind, body and soul are playful, it greatly accelerates your healing and transformation.

If you’re not familiar with the root chakra, it’s the first chakra that’s red and located at the tip of your tailbone. It governs your bowels and everything below them (legs and feet). It’s related to the earth element and it’s all about your sense of safety, stability and grounding. It’s tied to Mother Earth and your connection to nature as well as your finances, work, home, safety, organization, foundation and familial roots.

Basically, your root chakra relates to all the foundational and essential aspects of your life.

Are you ready to discover my r-words?

Here they are.

10 R-Words That Strengthen Your Root Chakra

  1. Rest – Your root chakra needs lost of deep restful sleep, which brings us to another r-word: REM. Are you getting enough of it?
  2. Relaxation – Even when you’re awake, your root is still related to rejuvenation. That’s where relaxation (like a good hammock rest) comes in. Are you building restful breaks into your day?
  3. Roots – Your root chakra is unsurprisingly related to your roots. That is, your connection to your ancestors. You can boost your root by creating a family tree.
  4. Red – You can eat it (here are the best foods), wear it and look at it (in your decor). Incorporating the color red in your life is a surprisingly simple and strong way to boost your root chakra.
  5. Routine – Doing the same things at the same time on a regular basis doesn’t seem like a healing method, but for the root chakra, it definitely is! Can you create a bit more scheduling in your life?
  6. Ritual – It’s a great way to bring sacred crown energies down into the physical plane. Gather root things you love — black and red stones, woodsy or musky essential oils and any other root-related icons (like Ganeshi or Kali  or Lakshmi for prosperity) and honor them on a red altar. Your root will feel it!
  7. Remembrance – The root chakra is all about the past and memory. So when you remember, you honor your base chakra. Elephants are known for their undying memories and the elephant is one of the best animals for boosting the root chakra.
  8. Responsibility – There is a sense of fatherly ownership in the root chakra that when healthy, says, “the buck stops here.” If you can avoid the excuse trap and take more responsibility in your life, you’re root chakra will get stronger.
  9. Repetition – The root chakra loves repetition. When it’s a clock, drum or metronome, the root chakra heals and strengthens when you repeat things with steady rhythm.
  10. Reliability – This one should come as no surprise, because when you combine responsibility and repetition, you get reliability. When you can count on yourself and others can count on you, your root chakra opens even more.

Those are my r-words.

I’d LOVE to hear your r-words. Please share yours here on my youtube channel where our CB family can benefit from them the most.

Have a safe, relaxed and grounded week!

Love and blessings,

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