Two Eclipses + Great Conjunction: BIG December 2020 Energy Forecast


2020 has been a year to remember and it definitely isn’t over yet. December is packing a real punch! You can chalk it up to two eclipses and an immensely powerful conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter that will officially kick off the Age of Aquarius.

But don’t fret. This is good news. I feel like this is a time when you can take all those hard-earned, experience-learned lessons of Covid year and cash them in.

Which is why my main goal in this forecast is to summarize the key dates of December and share some ideas for how to make the most of them.

Yes, let’s reap the rewards!

But first let me say that this forecast is part of a momentum that’s been building all fall. So if you haven’t seen the previous three energy forecasts, please check them out:

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As usual, I’m going to share the month’s three biggest themes, plus four very important dates and two Goddess cards. The first Goddess card informs the first half of the month and the second Goddess card influences the last two weeks of 2020.

So here are my themes for December:

  1. Drawing Your Line in the Sand – It’s time for you to really stand for all that you believe in and all that you are (watch the video to see why it’s important that you draw you line in the SAND, rather than something more immutable).
  2. Recognizing and Releasing Unconscious Fear Responses – Covid has given us lots of individual and collective practice in identifying our fears about material world woes. Ironically, experiencing more fear this year has led many of us to have less. Why? Because we lived through it. We’ve can put things in better perspective. The limits of this year have ironically given us wider spiritual breadth.
  3. Huge Re-Set: Ushering in the New Age of Aquarius – in the video, I explain why Saturn and Jupiter (tightly conjunct in Aquarius December 21) kick off this a whole new momentous spiritual “aira” (yes, that’s a play on Aquarius being an air sign).

I’m only focusing on four key dates this month, because they’re super big and important. I don’t want them to get lost in the minutia of lesser dates. So here they are:

NOVEMBER 30 at 1:30 am Pacific there’s a full moon in Gemini that’s also a partial lunar eclipse. Gemini became our North Node May 5 of this year, so it’s the soul lesson/new learning we’re all moving into. This full moon feels like the first wave of growth. Like we’re taking the midterm test. And the subject matter is our movement out of old, stuck (especially unconscious) Sagittarius beliefs into new more effective Gemini ideas and ways of communicating with ourselves and others.

How do we pass the test?

Since full moons are culminating and letting go (and an eclipse magnifies the effect), take a little time to examine your beliefs and the things you say to yourself really closely. Become aware of which ones you inherited from your lineage, past lives or current culture that aren’t serving you.

In other words, look at the crusty, rusty beliefs that you’ve allowed to turn into assumptions. The irony here is that they’re the hardest to find because they’re hiding right under our noses.

And the key here is to take action on these ways of being. If you come to a fork in the road, choose the path less travelled. This Gemini full moon is the perfect time to cut loose from old habits and beliefs and forge a new way of being and doing things. It might be scary, but the stars are definitely on your side!

DECEMBER 14 at 8:16 am we have a new moon in Sagittarius and a full solar eclipse at 5:33 am. New moons are a fresh start and solar eclipses magnify that greatly, so this marks a whole new beginning.

The sign of Sagittarius is a really happy, likable lucky one. Ruled by Jupiter which is related to crown chakra energy, Jupiter helps us take a big step deeper into our spirituality. And this step prepares us for…

DECEMBER 21 – Solstice (Winter here) and the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Every 20 years, these two outer planets meet up (an important event which has earned the name “the Great Conjunction”). But for the past 218 years, these two have been meeting up in earth signs. Or in other worlds, they’ve been influencing material world matters.

But this year, they’re communing in an air sign. And not just any air sign — Aquarius. With both of them at 0 degrees! (0 degrees is a brand new beginning). Whereas Jupiter is equivalent to crown chakra energy, Saturn is related to the root chakra. These two getting super cozy (less than one tenth of one degree apart!) in Aquarius is a beautiful sign that ALL energy is starting anew in this benevolent air sign that represents a more spiritual, innovative, free-thinking way of life.

This movement also represents the embodiment and balance of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within us. Watch the video and discover what other key celestial body is at 0 degrees (it’s my moon in it’s natal sign — this event is BIG for me and my chart).

December 29 at 7:28 pm Pacific there’s a full moon in Cancer. Earlier this year (May 4) we completed our other collective soul lesson of 2020 when we moved from the South Node of Capricorn to the North Node of Cancer. In the video, I describe what this lesson is and how we’re getting a chance to re-embrace and celebrate it here at the end of the year. Cancer is all about loving motherly energy, our home, our emotions and our inner security.

How have you grown in these areas this year? This is the time to celebrate that.

At the end of the video, I pulled two Goddess cards. They were right on! And I inadvertently kept showing another Goddess card to the camera. It was at the bottom of the deck — and it was perfect too. I think she just had to be in the reading, so she photo-bombed it! Watch and discover which three Goddesses showed up.

In the video, I make suggestions for little rituals you can do at each date. But when speaking of the Great Conjunction, I got so excited, I left off the ritual part. So that will be coming in another post closer to the event.

That’s it for now, Beautiful Soul. I hope this video and vlog help you navigate this pinnacle month of an unforgettable year. For me, it’s been the single most growth-oriented year of my life (and I’ve been on this planet quite a while — hee hee). How about you?

I’d love for you to comment here on my youtube channel.

And given the potency and challenges of this year, I’m hoping you’ll harvest deep gifts this month.

Much love and many blessings,

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  • Christina Hendrickson
    November 25, 2020

    It’s interesting that numerology also supports this feminine transition/ new beginning in that President Biden and Kamala Harris are both born on the 20th day of their birth month which is inborn feminine motherly energy that wants to take care of others.

  • Vicki
    November 26, 2020

    My first intuitive hit is that it also speaks to the year they’d be elected into office — 2020. The birth DAY on its own is not a huge influence in numerology (as much as the entire date). But it is definitely worth noting. Thanks for. sharing and making me aware of it! xoxo

  • Stacey
    December 14, 2020

    Everytime I listen to one of your videos it’s speaking directly to me. Doors opening, opportunities showing up, and taking the leap of faith the walk through them. Thank you sweet sister!

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