Open Your Third Eye Chakra with This Fun Word Game

Welcome to our sixth video in this series of fun word games that boost and heal each chakra. If you haven’t yet seen the other videos of this series, you can enjoy them here:

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Since this is the sixth video, you’re probably aware that we’re on the sixth chakra — the third eye — also called the brow chakra. I’m pointing this out because after having just complete the T-Words for the Throat Chakra, I’d love to share some B-Words for the Brow Chakra.

And I appreciate you indulging me…

So what is the third eye/brow chakra? It’s the highest embodied chakra and it’s also the highest feminine chakra. It represents balance and fairness and beauty and all things intuitive and psychic. It’s “element” is light and it’s color is indigo — a rich purply-blue. The qualities here are mystery and loving kindness. The third eye is a place of non-judgment where everyone gets along.

So what B-Words do you think would open this beautiful chakra?

Here are mine.

My Favorite B-Words for Opening the Brow Chakra:

  1. Balance – the nadis (energy channels) meet at the brow, balancing your masculine and feminine energies and bringing you peace. Practice the breathing exercise Nadi Shodhana (see the video) to bring more balance and peace.
  2. Brillance (and Bright) – the “element” here is light. Think of yourself as a star. Look up at the stars and imagine them baptizing your third eye.
  3. Blind – blindfold yourself — or just close your eyes — and notice how closing off your sense of sight (that’s tied to your solar plexus chakra) calms you and makes you more aware of your inner world. In this way, you can trade outer-sight for more in-sight.
  4. Brain – because of it’s location, your third eye is tied to your brain. Be sure you feed your brain the right foods. Also, be aware that an imbalance in the Third Eye can lead to bi-polar. Or to a lesser extent, it can lead to fluctuations in your moods. If you observe more mood swings, eat more brain foods and do nadi shodhana.
  5. Beauty – this highest feminine chakra celebrates beauty. Look from the non-judgmental eyes of your third eye and you’ll better appreciate the beauty of everyone and everything. And if you want to open your brow chakra more, focus on how everything has a certain beauty.
  6. Beatific – this word means “embodied holy bliss.” The third eye is the place where we’re still embodied and yet totally in contact with the Divine. What physical things give you joy and bliss? Do those!
  7. Be Intuitive – (thanks for allowing me a two-word phrase) – by intuitive, I mean tap into the wide possibility of psychic experience within you from the tiniest instinct or inner nudge to full-blown contact with your Higher Self or Spirit Guides. You need only listen to it and validate it to open your third eye.

What’s YOUR favorite Brow Chakra/Third Eye B-Word? Please share yours here on my youtube channel.

This is a time in our collective evolution where we need to open our third eye and connect with our highest feminine wisdom — and each other — more than ever before. Consider committing to one or more of the words above this week and create more connection to your Higher Self.

Much love and many blessings,

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