The #1 Myth That Blocks Your Throat Chakra Self-Expression

Hello Dear One. This week we’re looking at the #1 myth that blocks your throat chakra and causes you to not express your truth.

But before we do that, you might want to check out the other myths in this chakra healing series. For your convenience, I put them all here (just click on the one you want to watch):







The #1 Myth That Blocks the Throat Chakra Is This:

If I share my truth, I’ll hurt others.

Take a few relaxed breaths, read that statement and feel into yourself. How does your body react? Are you aware of a part of you that wants to censor yourself so as not to hurt others?

As a chakra teacher (and student), I’m aware that your essence, my essence — our shared human essence — is love. Because the heart chakra is the balance point in our field, it’s our natural resting place. We are love incarnate.

So it’s natural for us to not want to hurt each other.

The problem with this belief lies not in its sweet intent, but in the assumptions and misunderstandings within it.

So let’s dissect the two words that I italicized above — truth and hurt.

What do these words really mean in regard to the throat chakra?

The Meaning of Throat Truth

First, what is throat chakra “truth?”

Throat chakra truth is the deep, personal truth within each of us — expressed through the “I, me, mine.”

It’s not really my opinions about others. Because I don’t have a firsthand understanding of another’s life — only my own. So anything I express about your life is my outside-looking-in opinion about your life.

Ideally, in a healthy throat chakra world, we only share our opinions about others when they’re invited — or at the very least permitted. By “permitted,” I mean we ask if our viewpoint or opinion is wanted before we share it.

And when we share, we do so from the “I” rather than the “you.” Watch the video above to get a better explanation of this.

Can We “Hurt” Another with Our Personal Truth?

The second thing for us to look at here is what does “hurt” mean in relation to our personal truth?

I strongly believe that when we share only our personal truth about our life and being, it’s impossible for us to hurt another.


I’m not saying nobody ever feels hurt. I’m saying it’s not possible for YOU to hurt another with YOUR personal truth. Because that is YOUR domain, not theirs.

In the video above, I give the example of parents who might feel that their gay adult “child” is wrong or bad for being gay.

In this case, the child is only being his or her Authentic Self.

If the parents feel hurt that their offspring is gay, then they’re the ones who are hurting themselves.

Yes, I’m saying if someone feels pain because of who you are or something you’re doing that is an authentic expression of you in your own personal life, then they (and their resistance to you) are the cause of their pain, not you.

And when you express your personal truth to someone who thinks your truth is wrong, you’re actually giving them a gift. You’re asking them to open themselves to more types of personal truth. You’re giving them a chance to practice tolerance and unconditional love.

Often, in life, we don’t express our truth not out of fear of hurting another, but of losing someone or something. We may fear that being who we really are will cause us to lose something we value like a relationship or job. But anything that would disintegrate because we’re being more true to ourself is challenging us to be willing to let it go. A job or relationship that we feel we have to lie to be a part of is not honoring who we are. It’s stunting our spiritual growth.

In this New Age of Aquarius, we have a big opportunity. We’re being called to love others in an unconditional way that allows them to be different from us. When we can see differences through the lens of love, they unite — rather than separate — us. And that’s what we need in our world right now.

The truth wants to set us all free, but before it can, we must be brave enough to speak it.

This week your homework (should you choose to accept it) is to notice how often you “adjust” your truth. And if/when you do, why do you do it? Out of fear of “hurting” another? Or for fear of losing something? Or for some other reason?

That’s all you need to do. Nothing more is needed.

Awareness is the first step of any transformational journey.

Hopefully, as we all become more aware of the reasons we censor ourselves we’ll be able to choose whether we want to continue to do so — or not.

Thanks for being on this transformational path with, Beautiful Soul.


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  1. Hi Vicki.
    Thank you so much for this video. I have many issues around my Throat Chakra. I’m looking forward to clearing a lot of the gunk with the Shadow Work.
    Much love and sparkly rainbow blessings,
    Gayle xx

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