The #1 Myth That Blocks Your Third Eye and How to Open It

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Even though I often talk about the importance of the lower chakras and embodiment, I really do love working with the third eye! I literally let guidance from my Higher Self and Spirit Guides lead the way in my life.

Just this month, I had no idea I was moving until I suddenly got a very clear message. I acted on it immediately and a couple days later, my move was in place! Now, I’m living in the beautiful (hot) Scottsdale area — but don’t worry, I still have my home in Sedona too.

The point is: I don’t mess around with intuitive hits! I see them as precious gifts from above. But that doesn’t mean they have to come in fancy, holier-than-now “packages.

Mine sure don’t.

Watch this week’s video above and discover the popular myth that may be keeping you from tapping into the full power of your intuition and psychic gifts.

I filmed the video in beautiful, Venice, Italy. In it, I share some simple advice on how to make your third eye experiences more common and to let go of any pressure around what it means to be “psychic.”

The key thing to remember is that we all access our intuition and Higher Self in different ways. And it’s best to choose a method that feels most natural for you. If a technique feels really lofty, difficult or awkward, you can pretty much bet on in it not being a good method for you.

Your sixth sense — of e.s.p. and intuition — is as natural as your other five senses.

Watch the video above now and reclaim all of your psychic abilities.

Love and blessings,

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