Heal Your Root with TPQs Instead of Affirmations

This week we’re beginning a redux of a series I did a few years back that I wanted to make even better. We’re going to examine why affirmations can be bad for you and how to do Transformational Power Questions (TPQs) instead.

Why Affirmations Can Be Bad for You

When you say an affirmation that requires a particularly big leap of faith, your subconscious mind has a tendency to argue with it. I did a video on this a few years back that you can watch here. And I’m going to summarize and demonstrate the concept for you.

Let’s say you have almost no money in the bank and you want to be rich. So you create the affirmation, “I am rich.” If you’re like most people (especially if you have a weak solar plexus chakra), your subconscious mind will debate the affirmation. It’ll say things like, “No you’re not, you’re broke” or “Have you seen your bank statement lately?”. I could create a whole list, right?

The point is this: the subconscious mind usually generates more far more negative statements that outweigh every big affirmation. Ultimately, this means that if you have trouble fully believing your affirmations at a subconscious level, they can have a detrimental effect.

Over the years, I’ve developed a more beneficial tool — transformational power questions (TPQs). They work just like affirmations, but don’t draw any resistance or push-back from your subconscious mind. In fact, they typically elicit positive support from your subconscious.

3 Steps to Create a Transformational Power Question (TPQ)

  1. Decide what you want to change and create a traditional affirmation. For example, if you want more money, you create the affirmation, “I’m wealthy.”
  2. Put a “why” in the front of it and make it a question. “Why am I so wealthy?”
  3. Make it progressive (increasing over time). “Why am I getting wealthier every day?”

Can you feel how much less subconscious resistance that final TPQ elicits? If you have a dollar more each day, you’re getting wealthier. It’s very attainable and believable. And it asks your subconscious mind to come up with supportive reasons to answer the “why.” So it becomes an ally rather than a hindrance.

For this intro video in the series, I share 15 different TPQs that boost your root chakra. Watch the video above and repeat after me to improve these five root chakra areas of your life: money, health, safety and security, home and organization.

Repetition will make it far more effective, so I suggest you pick your favorite TPQ and put it on sticky notes. Then spread them around your personal space and read the question every time you see a sticky note. You’ll be amazed what a huge difference a small consistent practice can make!

Have an incredible week, Beautiful Soul!

Much love and many blessings,

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