The #1 Myth That Blocks Your Heart Chakra

Hello Beautiful Soul. This week we’re going to look at the #1 myth that blocks your heart chakra.

The #1 Myths for the Lower Chakras

First though, if you haven’t seen the other videos in this series, they’re here:




So what is the big myth that blocks your heart chakra?

I want you to guess. What kind of commonly accepted cultural beliefs do YOU think block your heart chakra?

AND I want you to watch the video above, so I’m not going to state the belief in this post. Instead, I’m simply going to jump right to the three TRUE things that will help you bust through the myth.

It might be fun to read the three things below and then guess what the #1 myth about the heart chakra is…

3 Things That Will Help You Debunk the #1 Heart Chakra Myth

  1. PRACTICE SELF-LOVE – You can’t give something you don’t have. So it’s essential that you focus on filling up your own love cup if you want to give love freely and unconditionally. Think about it. If you want to give others orange juice, you have to HAVE some orange juice to give them. When we don’t give genuine unconditional love to ourselves first, we’re typically too needy or depleted to give it to anyone else. Fill your love cup up yourself and serve others from the overflow.
  2. STRENGTHEN YOUR SOLAR PLEXUS AND THROAT CHAKRAS – Chakra balancing is a literal term. What it means is that in order to balance your chakras, they need to be of relatively the same strength. Of course, they are always fluctuating to some degree, but I’m talking about their overall “set” points here. And they need to be somewhat the same. Since the lower chakras are pulsating polarities, people erroneously think that toning down a neighboring chakras will make a chakra stronger. Nope. It might make it relatively stronger, but then then theirs no balance, so it’s not sustainable. For instance, the solar plexus is all about taking care of self first. If you putting everyone before yourself, you supposedly “strengthen” the heart chakra. But the truth is, your self-care (solar plexus) and care of others (heart) need to be in somewhat of the same proportion for them to last. If I only take care of others, I’ll be depleted — and probably bitter too. The chakras need to expand together. So self-love is not the opposite of loving others, but the gateway to genuinely loving others.
  3. Compassion CAN Say “NO” – Most of us confuse being compassionate with being enmeshed. We tend to toggle between two extremes. On the one hand, we feel deep compassion for another, but can’t say “no” to them. And on the other hand, we can say “no” to them, but can’t feel compassion at the same time. True compassion and the healthy boundary of saying “no” are not opposites. They’re healthy partners. And when you can practice them together, you are the embodiment of a courageous type of love that can change the world. Check out the example of this I give in the video above.

If you’ve read this far without watching the video, do you have an idea of what you think the #1 myth of the heart chakra is?

Okay, it’s time to tell you…

The #1 myth of that blocks your heart is: Being “nice” opens your heart chakra.

Nope. Not true.

Watch the video above to see why. And then, if you feel inspired, commit to at least one of the three things I outlined above. It’ll help you breakthrough the false idea that aiming to be nice (rather than just naturally and effortlessly expressing true compassion) will open your heart chakra.

Have a week full of love, Beautiful Soul.


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