11 Signs You Have a Healthy Ego (Plus #1 Solar Plexus Chakra Myth)

This week we’re continuing the series on the #1 cultural myth that blocks each chakra.

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Now we’re going to look at the #1 myth that blocks your solar plexus chakra — the yellow energy center in your core that is responsible for your courage, confidence, focus, motivation and mental clarity.

The solar plexus chakra is also connected to your image, social identity and ego. For thousands of years, spiritual traditions have made the ego the bad guy and I feel it’s time we shift this perspective.

Here’s the misguided myth: Your ego is the enemy of your enlightenment.

The truth is: In this age of embodied spirituality, a healthy ego is an essential element of your conscious awakening.

The first problem we run into when we start talking about the ego is that the word itself is used improperly in our culture.

You would think that if we called someone “egotistical” we would be saying they have a healthy (that is, a lot of good) ego. That’s how english usually works. When we add the suffixes “istic” or “istical,” we are saying a lot of that particular quality is present.

If someone is good at languages, we call them “linguistic.” If they’re good at planning and logic, they’re called “logistical.” If something contains a lot of statistics, we call it “statistical.”

But, for some reason, we don’t use the word “egotistical” the same way. No, we use this term to describe someone who actually has a weak ego and overcompensates for it by making everything about them.

People who lack healthy egos can go two opposite ways. They can act like they’re insignificant and don’t matter or they can pump up the bravado and act like they’re the end-all, be-all. Interestingly, both of these polar extremes are indicators of an unhealthy ego.

In yogic traditions, the ego was traditionally considered a hindrance to spiritual development. It was seen as something you needed to dismantle.

But the truth is, the ego is responsible for your day-to-day consciousness and it’s the hub of your personality. Each and every one of us is an irreplicable slice of the Divine. We each have unique DNA — even if we’re a twin. Every human being is utterly unlike any other.

Yes, our essence is spiritual energy and our soul lives beyond this lifetime. So it’s grander in scope than our conscious (ego) personality. But for the brief time we’re here, our identity has as much value as any other aspect of nature. Each one of us is an emanation of the Divine moving through this 3D world of time and space.

In order to understand how the ego can be a good thing, though, we first need to define what a healthy ego is. There are many elements to a balanced ego, but here are 11 I really like.

11 Signs You Have a Healthy Ego

  1. You accept praise fully and graciously.
  2. You can laugh at yourself.
  3. You can make mistakes and still be kind to yourself.
  4. You own and continually develop your own true perspective, which leads to #5…
  5. You can easily take feedback (or even criticism) from others.
  6. You accept and love all of yourself — including your “negative” or shadow aspects.
  7. You take calculated risks.
  8. You set strong, clear, non-reactive boundaries.
  9. You know you and everyone else has greatness, because we all are made up of the same Divine/God Energy.
  10. You are humbled by the fact that we are all slices of God, so nobody is any better than anybody else.
  11. You’re can be proud of your accomplishments (and roles), but are not overly attached to them.

When your ego is healthy as described above, it actually helps you integrate more of your spirituality into your daily life, not less.

It’s not ego, but LACK of a healthy ego that can get in the way of our enlightenment. And if we stop making the ego a bad thing, then maybe we can start learning how to develop our egos in a healthier way.

What are some of the other indicators of a healthy ego? Feel free to add your own here on my youtube channel. Have a lovely week!

Love and blessings,

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  1. Thank you for this thoughtful video! This has helped me understand the solar plexus better, & illuminated areas that I need to examine & strengthen.

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