The #1 Myth That Blocks Your Crown Chakra

If you’ve been following this series, then good for you!! You’ve made it to the final one. This video is going help you open your crown chakra by dismantling a very popular myth about your connection to the Divine that actually keeps you separate from it.

If you somehow got to this video without seeing the other videos of this series, here’s the playlist for the #1 Myth That Blocks Each Chakra.

What do you think is the #1 cultural belief we have about our crown chakra that actually keeps us separate from God (or Consciousness)?

I don’t want to give it away here, because I want you to watch the video. But it has to do with anthropomorphism, the habit of attributing human qualities to non-human things — like God.

Here’s another little hint — E=mc

With that famous equation, Einstein proved that all matter is really energy. In other words, everything (including us) is energy. So you, me, all of us, are literally emanations of Divine energy.

It’s my hope that this video reminds you of that — and that you never think you’re separate from Source again (because you never are).

Here’s to opening your crown!

Have a blessed week, Beautiful Soul.

Much love,

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1 thought on “The #1 Myth That Blocks Your Crown Chakra”

  1. Hello Vicky you are moving in the waves of the subconscious An understanding of our subdivisions in our Planet their is some defaults in our myths I have enjoyed you chakra balanced healing I get tremendous amount of emails and work towards the depleted enigma`s like the crown and align correlation in the healings holistic cultivations

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