This Sex Myth Blocks Your Sacral Chakra (Let’s Debunk It Now!)

This week we’re going to dismantle a big (often subconscious) sex myth that may be blocking your playful, intimate sacral chakra. And it’s perfect, because I’m coming to you from the beautiful “City of Lights” (and love!), Paris. 

If you haven’t yet seen the first video of this series (the money myth that blocks your root chakra), you can watch it here and boost your prosperity.

The myth of the Sacral Chakra is this: Sex is wrong, dirty or sinful.

The truth is this: Sex is natural, innocent, healthy and even sacred.

When we bring consciousness to our sex life, it blossoms and gifts us in amazing ways. What do I mean by consciousness?

I mean we engage in sex from a conscious, loving place with full consent and open communication. And in the best case scenario, we even recognize that it can be reverent and sacred – a beautiful way to create Divine Union through our bodies.

It’s important to realize that you may be holding opposing beliefs about sex. For instance, you may hold a healthy view of sexuality on the conscious level, but then on a subconscious, pure body level, you may be carrying shame around it – especially if caregivers chastised you for having natural sexual urges when you were very little or if they modeled a shameful relationship with their own sexuality.

Here are some reason why the negative myth that sexuality is sinful or bad is totally false.

1 – Sex is Innocent and Natural

The sacral chakra where intimate sexuality resides, is related to our childlike innocence. Isn’t that interesting? For me, it points to the pure natural innocence of our sexuality. The fact that children often want to touch and rub themselves sexually before they are taught not to is another sign that sexuality is innocent and natural.

2 – Sex is Healthy

In the context I set up above (loving, conscious, consensual),sex is really healthy. It actually has lots of physical benefits. It’s a form of exercise (when done “right” – lol). It’s good for the heart, lowers blood pressure and helps women with bladder control. It releases positive hormones, particularly the powerful love hormone, oxytocin (and much more).

3 – Sex Helps You Bond with Your Lover

In the Western World, we tend to overvalue independence. But the truth is, we are a communal species. We need each other. Babies who aren’t held can actually die, so nurses and volunteers will hold babies who are recovering in the hospital. Bonding and touch are that important to our development. Sexuality when approached in a healthy way, gives us a very strong bond with our lover because we anchor connection with them each time we share mutual pleasure and love-oriented hormones like oxytocin. So practicing conscious love-making literally strengthens your relationship.

4 – Sex Heightens Your Awareness of the Divine/Unity Consciousness

Just as any building can become a church when we bring prayer and reverence into it, any body can become a vessel of Divinity when you bring reverence for yourself and your lover through the act of conscious, loving sexual interaction. Watch the video above to get some tips for basic tantric exercises you can explore.

5 – Sex Can Improve the Communication in Your Relationship

We interact so intimately when we engage in sexual activities that it literally requires to communicate more vulnerably, honestly and clearly which improves our ability to communicate in our relationship over all (if we make it important).

6 – Healthy Sex Reduces Shame-Oriented Sexual Abuse

Our culture is full of all sorts of sexual abuse and distortions because in general, we don’t see sex as a healthy thing. This causes us to hide and repress our natural desires, which then causes them to come out in destructive and distorted ways. The big explosion with the #metoo movement is a perfect reflection of this. When we all learn to heal our sexual shame and to embrace sex as a positive, natural healthy human expression, these disturbances will subside, because our sexual needs will be fully met on a conscious, above-board level.

This is the sexual vision I’m holding for the world! What’s yours?

If you hold a really positive vision of sexuality in your life (and for the world), but can still feel that your body holds unconscious sexual shame (most of us have at least a little), try doing some EFT/Tapping on your sexuality. If you don’t know how to tap or you do but just can’t remember the points to tap on, I demonstrate how to do it in this throat chakra video.

Your set up statement would be: “Even though I feel _____(insert your negative feeling in the blank) about my sexuality, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Good for you for doing work/play to free yourself — and all of us!

May you have a joyful, yummy week full of conscious sexuality and love!

Many blessings xoxo,

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