These 3 Goddesses Open Your Third Eye Chakra


Welcome to the sixth video in our series on Goddesses that heal each chakra. Today we are focusing on the third eye chakra. If you haven’t seen the other videos in this series, here they are:






We’re up to the third eye chakra now. Its color is indigo and its “element” here is light. Its name is ajna, which means “command” in Sanskrit. And it’s related to your intuitive and psychic abilities as well as your imagination, dreams, sense of beauty and fairness as well as your personal equilibrium.

The three goddesses I’ve chosen for this all represent different cultures or religions and relate to different aspects of the third eye chakra. I don’t believe this list is comprehensive at all, so feel free to share your favorite third eye chakra goddess(es).

3 Goddesses That Open Your Third Eye Chakra

  1. Vör (Norse)

Her name means “aware” (or a slightly different interpretation is “careful”). Known for her ability to see all, it is said that you can’t conceal anything from Vör. In the Norse mythical place called Asgard, she would use her divining powers to find water for everyone. This is interesting because water is related to the feminine via the sacral chakra and divining (discovering something by psychic means) is a pure third eye talent. It’s the process of “seeing” something, but with a psychic sense, rather than one’s physical eyes.

If you wish to call in the awareness or inner seeing powers of Vör, use this invocation to her that I found on Lofn’s Bard:

“Gracious Goddess, knowing one, help me now to see,
Thick or thin, smooth or snag, in the tapestry,
How to read and how to tell, truth from fantasy.
Wool to hand, eye to lifts, knowing sets us free.”

2. Maat (Egyptian)

One of the most popular and beloved goddesses of ancient Egypt, Maat’s name represents a harmonious and just way of living. Her name is synonymous with goodness. In fact, when someone died, all their organs were removed, except for their heart, which was considered part of their soul. The heart was left in the body because when the deceased arrived in the afterlife, it was weighed against the feather that Maat wore on her head. And if the deceased’s heart was lighter than Maat’s feather, then s/he lived a virtuous “Maat” life.

Maat was the daughter of the Sun God Ra and she was often referred to as “the eye of Ra.” This is very interesting, since Ra represents the solar plexus chakra (where the seed sound is “Ram”) and these two chakras are the sight chakras. The solar plexus is the chakra of outer sight and the third eye is the chakra of in-sight.

3. Hecate (Greek)

Hecate represents the magical, witchcraft part of the third eye chakra. She is revered by those who practice white magic. She’s is usually depicted as a triple goddess and her three faces are said to represent the maiden, the mother and the crone.

This is interesting because the third eye is synonymous with the crone and her all-seeing wisdom. But it’s also the highest feminine chakra, so the crone has already been through the other stages of being the maiden and the mother.

Hecate holds a torch and lights the way for those who wish to visit the underworld. This is pertinent because the third eye chakra is related to the “element” of light.

In the heart chakra video of this series, I talk about the mother goddess, Demeter whose daughter Persephone got kidnapped by Hades and taken to the underworld. When that happened, Hecate escorted Demeter to the underworld to find her daughter. Eventually, Hecate stayed with Demeter in the underworld and was her helper.

Hecate, was the daughter of the Titan Perses and the nymph Asteria, so she has a mixed background that makes her a great goddess for taking different perspectives. And that is one of the key aspects of the third eye. It is the highest embodied chakra and can take everyone’s perspective into account. Your third eye carries a deep sense of fairness and justice for all. And it represents embodied equilibrium.

If you wish to invoke the third eye energy of Hecate, you can call upon her with this simple invocation that I got from Coven of Magick:

“Hecate, beautiful crone of night, I call you here to put things right. Transform the negative thought, fear and pain and help my life be whole again.”

That’s all for the goddesses of the wisest, highest embodied chakra. If I didn’t mention YOUR favorite third eye chakra goddess, please honor her by commenting here on my youtube channel.

And if you like the goddesses I’ve shared here, take some time this week to honor them with a small candle-lighting, incense-burning or water-cleansing ritual. It’s a simple, reverent way to boost your third eye chakra.

Thanks for being you, Beautiful Soul!

Much love and many blessings,

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