3 Goddesses That Boost and Heal Your Sacral Chakra


This week we continue our series on powerful Goddesses as we look at three feminine archetypes that can boost and heal your sacral chakra.

If you haven’t yet seen the video for the 3 Root Goddesses That Heal Your Root Chakra, you can watch it here.

Goddesses are perfect for healing the sacral chakra, because more than any other chakra, the sacral chakra represents embodied Divine Feminine Energy. This chakra is the water chakra that relates to creativity, sensuality, intimacy, joy, surrender, fertility and flow.

The glands of this chakra are the ovaries, and the hormone that boosts it is estrogen. And yes, this does mean that men, in general have to work a bit harder to access this softer, more intimate and emotionally-connected energy center. But it all evens out, because the same is true for women in the root where the testes and testosterone govern.

Here, I’m sharing the three goddesses I feel best exemplify and magnify the energy of the sacral chakra. But there are certainly others. So if you have a few favorites, feel free to share!

Also, if you’d like to see images of these goddess — or hear their myths, check out the video above.

3 Sacral Chakra Goddesses

  1. Ix Chel is a Mayan Goddess that protects mothers, children, childbirth, fertility and creativity. She’s known as the “Rainbow Goddess” and is often depicted with a rabbit and/or weaving. The weaving represents her ability to be endlessly creative. Turn to her if you wish to unblock your creativity (especially with a new project) or you need assistance with fertility (and especially) pregnancy or childbirth.
  2. Venus is one of the most famous Goddesses of all time. She has captivated artists for hundreds of years and is depicted in countless paintings and statues. Her Greek counterpart is Aphrodite, but Venus has a few extra realms that she governs that Aphrodite does not (such as victory and prostitution). Venus stands for feminine flow, beauty and romantic love. After all, her son is cupid! Turn to her if you wish to surrender into your feminine energy and create an powerful, romantic love.
  3. Ostara – is a Germanic Goddess representing fertility, renewal and quite literally — Spring. The word “Ostara” is actually used as the name for the Spring Equinox in many parts of the world. She is often shown with a rabbit. Turn to her if you need help with fertility or renewal.

Both Ix Chel and Venus are tied to the element of the sacral chakra — water. Ix Chel is sometimes shown pouring it, and Venus is usually shown emerging from the ocean, since she was born from its foam.

Both Ostara and Ix Chel are often depicted with rabbits, the animal of sensitivity and fertility, two big aspects of the sacral chakra.

If you want to tap into the feeling of these watery, super feminine sacral Goddesses, watch my Sacral Chakra Healing Music Video which features beautiful women floating in bodies of water, surrendering to the flow

Who are YOUR favorite Sacral Chakra Goddesses? Please share!

Love and blessings,

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