3 Goddesses That Heal Your Heart Chakra

This week we continue our goddess series as we look at three goddesses that heal your heart chakra. If you missed the previous vlog posts for this series, you can check them out here:




I want to be clear that there are far more than three goddesses who carry significant heart chakra energy. I am simply sharing my three favorites who come from different cultures and represent different aspects of the heart chakra.

I invite you to share your favorite heart chakra goddesses here on my youtube channel.

The heart chakra is green and represents the easy-breezy air element. It’s all about unconditional love, compassion, empathy, kindness, peace, healing, forgiveness and gratitude. It’s the archetypal energy of the loving mother.

Here Are My 3 Favorite Heart Chakra Goddesses (see images of them in the video above):

  1. Quan Yin (aka Guan Yin or Kwan Yin) – Asian, Buddhist, bodhisattva. Quan Yin is the revered by buddhists across the globe. She reached enlightenment, but when offered the entrance to heaven and nirvana, she heard the cries of humans suffering on earth and decided to return to help them reach enlightenment. Turn to her when you need deep compassion or want to cultivate the capacity for it within yourself.
  2. Aja – Nigerian (from Yoruba). A forest Goddess who is friends with all the animals and knows how to use the herbs for healing. She’s not just a healer, but a teacher of healers. Call upon Aja when you need great healing.
  3. Demeter – Greek – the wife of Zeus and mother of Persephone who got pulled into the underworld by Hades and became his wife. Demeter carries strong mother energy and is known for her grief (as she mourned the loss of her daughter in a big way). She, like Aja, is close to nature and connected to crops and the harvest. Many overlook how important grief is to the heart chakra. The loss of anything we love is one of the best ways we connect with our the sacred depths of our heart. Watch this video on Your Heart Chakra Rights — and see #5 — for a more in-depth explanation of how true grief expands the heart chakra.

You can tap into the healing energy of these goddesses at any time by creating an altar for them, praying or communicating with them, or simply hanging up their picture or putting a murti (statue) of them in a visible place.

Which one do you most resonate with? Please share here.

May you have a compassionate, healing and peaceful weak.

Love and blessings,

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