These 3 Goddesses Boost and Heal Your Throat Chakra


Welcome to the fifth video in our series on Goddesses that boost and heal each chakra. If you haven’t seen the other videos, here they are:





We’re on the throat chakra now. It’s blue and the “element” here is sound. Its name is visuddha, which means “purity” in Sanskrit. And it’s related to personal expression, art, words, learning, being authentic, having honor and living your purpose.

The three goddesses I’ve chosen for this all represent different cultures or religions and relate to different aspects of the throat chakra. I don’t believe this list is comprehensive at all, so feel free to share your favorite throat chakra goddess.

3 Goddesses That Boost and Heal Your Throat Chakra

  1. Saraswati/Vac or Vaka (Hindu) – WORDS, LEARNING, MUSIC, WISDOM

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning. She has lots of creative sacral energy, so I almost included her as a sacral goddess, but decided to put her here instead. Why? Because she embodies a higher, more structured order (like the throat) and she is about music, language and learning.

The myth is she was born from the mouth of Brahma – one of the 3 Gods responsible for all of creation (with Vishnu and Shiva). That’s one of the reasons why I included her here. We communicate with our mouths and it’s a big part of the throat chakra.

Sarawati is honored each year during Vasant Panchami — an Indian festival that celebrates the very first markings of Spring. Vasant Panchami takes place every year on the fifth day of the bright half of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month of Magha – in 2021 that falls on February 16 (a good time to honor her)

Many people connect Saraswati to the Goddess Vac — saying that Vac is the spoken word aspect of Saraswati.

As a yoga teacher, I was taught by a scholar who lived in India for many years and revered their Goddesses. He taught me about the little known Goddess, Vaka whom I’ve always equated with Vac.

I find it funny that the Goddess of speech should be little known. It makes me think of the stifling of the feminine voice and our need to hear it more in these challenging, overly-masculine times.

I sing to Vaka in my Throat chakra healing song. My favorite part of the album “Om Shree Vaka, jaya Vaka.”

2. SIGE (Gnostic) – SILENCE (of the Void from which all things manifest).

Sige is IMPORTANT because we often forget about the importance of silence in this world of so many sounds. Silence may actually be the most important “sound” of all.

Sige reminds us to dive into the silence of the void and to sit in the place of deep mystery that comes before creation.

In silence we find our true

Words can draw up duality. Silence pours us back into the pool of unity that is our truth. It connects us to the wholeness within ourselves and our authentic, wordless connection with others.


I chose Coventina because the Sanskrit name of the throat chakra, “visuddha,” means purity.

Also, Coventina is related to abundance and the throat is about the cornucopia of abundance that comes from following your true purpose.

While many believe that the root relates to wealth, that’s not true for unlimited abundance. The root chakra is related to the material world and financial stability as well as familial/old wealth. But when you tap into your true self and authentic purpose, you also tap into a bigger type of abundance that is associated with the throat chakra.

Coventina is a goddess of all forms of water: rain, streams, ponds, lakes, oceans, waterfalls and more.

The sacral is the water element chakra and there is a strong connection between your sacral chakra and your throat chakra. But whereas the sacral chakra is tied to the chaotic creativity of the sacral, the throat chakra is more closely related to mastery and taking that art to a higher more refined level.

There is a spring and a temple dedicated to Coventina at Carrawburgh on the Northumbrian moors near Hadrian’s Wall, dated at around CE 130.

Over 13,000 coins, many items of jewellery, incense burners, carved stones and many other artifacts were found on the site when it was excavated in 1876. This means, Coventina may have been the goddess that inspired humans to use wishing wells.

Paul Sandover of Druidry.org wrote this poem/prayer to Coventina:

Ancient Coventina, sweet goddess
of sacred springs and holy wells,
your waters emerge joyfully
from the dream of darkness.
Your pure and sparkling essence
manifests in the light of day.

Lady of the living waters,
I gladly welcome
your wonderful gifts
of refreshment and healing,
and your kind blessings.
Which grace both body and soul.

An offering is reverently placed
upon your flowing altar.
And my open heart
feels your loving magic,
sanctity and gentle inspiration.
May your waters always flow,
blessing the living land
with your abundant beauty.

There are a few goddesses I couldn’t fit into the top three that I still want to mention:

Honorable Mentions

  1. Hecate (Greek) – the goddess of witchcraft and magic as well as the gatekeeper between heaven and the underworld.

The throat chakra is the first of the upper, more spiritually-oriented chakras where magic and miracles begin. Hecate represents that power, mystery and possibility.

2. Veritas (Roman) and Aletheia (Greek) – TRUTH

Both goddesses represent truth — Veritas being Roman and Alethia being Greek. But they stand for different types of truth. Veritas represents a more right/willful kind of truth. The kind you will fight for. And Aletheia represents unconcealment/disclosure which is a more feminine type of truth that’s about being open.

I believe this is actually the kind of truth that is more important in our transparent, Divine Feminine times.

Take a moment to feel your truth. Is it more Veritas’s type of truth or Aletheia’s?

Finally, if I missed your favorite throat chakra goddess, please honor her by commenting here on my youtube channel.

And if you like the goddesses I’ve shared here, take some time this week to honor them with a small candle-lighting, incense-burning or water-cleansing ritual. It’s a simple, reverent way to boost your throat chakra.

Thanks for being you, Beautiful Soul!

Much love and many blessings,

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