Circling Opens Your Chakras: Practice These 7 Principles


Hello Beautiful Soul, I’m really excited this week to share a project I’ve been working on all of 2020 — Circling Space.

Circling Space will be opening (if all the tech stuff cooperates) in January 2021. It’s an online community where we’ll practice the Art of Circling together.

And if you feel drawn to what I’m describing here, feel free to join us for a $97 LIVE, online ‘Intro to Circling’ Event for FREE. It’s my gift to you.

What Is Circling?

We get together in a physical or virtual circle and create a safe, resonant space where each person is able to be his/her most authentic self. Out of this kind of space, a feeling of more connection arises. And something called “Circling Wisdom” — deep, moving personal truths and collective synchronicities —naturally emerge.

In the future, CirclingSpace.com will have live events in cool physical locations, but due to Covid, at the start of 2021, all our circles will be online.

We’ll gather together on Zoom and do exercises as a group as well as in dyads. Or sometimes, we’ll just communicate freeform — with no structured exercises, topic or agenda.

But there will always be one commonality: we’ll focus on 7 elegant principles that make up the foundation of Circling Space. If you want to experience each of these, sign up for our ‘Intro to Circling’ Event here (for free).

In the video above, I go over each of the 7 Circling Principles, so please watch that. Because, here in the post, I’m just going to state them directly with no description. I want you to experience them in their purest form before diving deeper into my interpretations.

Consider practicing them in your daily life too. You may not experience others adhering to them, but they can still have profound effects in your life when practiced outside of circle unilaterally.

That having been said, please be sure to practice them only when you feel safe and inspired to do so.

One of the special things about Circling Space is the safety and compassion we collectively create by committing to our 7 Principles. And as I practice deeper embodiment, I’m aware it’s not always best to experiment with new ways of expressing or exposing yourself in environments where you don’t feel safe. That’s why our first principal relates to safety and connection.

So, let’s get to them, shall we?

The 7 Circling Space Principles (C.I.R.C.L.E.S.)

  1. CREATE SAFETY – Commit to confidentiality and connection.
  2. INQUIRE DEEPLY – Lead with curiosity and challenge your assumptions.
  3. RELATE FULLY – Explore the idea that everyone is your mirror.
  4. CULTIVATE SPACIOUSNESS – Slow down. Pause. Really listen.
  5. LOVE WHAT IS – Don’t give advice or circumvent your own discomfort by comforting or “fixing” others.
  6. EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH – Notice any impulse to censor.
  7. SHARE FROM THE 3 P’s – Start with your Physical sensations. Speak from the Personal “I.” Use the Present tense.

If you haven’t yet watched the video above, perhaps take a few moments to feel into what these words mean to you before hearing my explanation. Your personal, instinctually take on them is probably the most important one for you.

Also, feel into what chakra(s) are related to each principle.

And if you enjoy these circling principles, come explore them in our free ‘Intro to Circling’ Event.

Hope to see you in circle soon, Dear One!

Much love and many blessings,

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