Is Your Heart Chakra Money Lens Healthy?

Hello Beautiful Soul, this week we’re looking at how your heart chakra affects your finances. Leisa Peterson, author of the Mindful Millionaire joins us for the fourth video of this Chakra Money Lens Series. If you haven’t yet seen the other videos in the series, you can watch them here:

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You may notice that the earlier videos are in a different format. You all requested a more interview-type format where Leisa talked more — and I talked way less — and that’s what I’m giving you here.

In this video, you’ll experience Leisa’s extensive years as a financial advisor combined with her love for the chakras. It’s powerful stuff.

So what does your relationship with money look like when you’re heart chakra isn’t balanced?

It depends.

If your heart chakra is overactive (and it’s pretty likely yours is if you’re reading this here, because I know my Chakra Boosters family is very big-hearted), you tend to over-give. You give your money away to others so much that you end up depriving yourself.

And if your heart chakra is underactive, you tend to take. But because most people want to appear loving, the kind of taking that usually shows up in the heart chakra is passive-aggressive, sneaky or even outright matyrdom.

As you’ve probably already guessed, a healthy heart chakra money lens is able to give and receive in a balanced way. When this happens, you can actually give more, because allow yourself to be replenished (that is, you allow yourself to receive).

Without the ability to receive, we burn out and become depleted.

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Heart Chakra Money Lens Healthy?”

  1. Value hit me like a freight train! I’m always struggling with accepting money for what I do and just giving to others. The Circle of giving and receiving was very powerful!

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