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You Want to Align with Your Authentic Self.

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"Love the Support of the Circling Community"

Circling Space

“The thought of circling initially scared me. Still, there was something about Circling Space that was drawing me in. I felt it held tremendous growth opportunities and I was right. The support of the circling community has been invaluable. After just a few sessions, I’m more comfortable in my own skin. And I feel I’m more me, not just in circling, but in my personal relationships as well. Thanks!” – Ryan Egan, AZ, USA

"Simply a Life-Changing Experience!"

Circling Space

“I’m grounded in my body and have quieted my monkey mind. I’ve expanded my ability to show up with authentic presence which has made my communication with my husband, family and friends richer. And I feel more energized, curious and connected — all things that are enhancing my work as a yoga teacher and women’s empowerment educator.”
– Isabel Brodsky, NY, USA