Are You a Crown Personality Type? Here Are the Signs

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This week, we come to the final video in my series on the Chakra Personality Types. If you haven’t had a chance to watch my videos on the other Chakra Personality Types, here they all are:

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Because most of us start in the root and work our way up as we evolve, this type metaphorically represents the top of the mountain, so it is far more rare than the others.

Many of us open our crown and experience Divine connection, but we don’t live from this chakra and make it the number one priority of our life.

The crown is the only chakra that is off your body and is not affected by the duality of our 3D reality. We describe the crown in different ways, but in it’s essence, it’s really just about one thing: The Divine Field of Love/Intelligence that infuses and connects everything.

It’s not associated with any element or sound, because it’s no one thing — it’s everything.

Here Are Some of the Signs of a Crown Chakra Personality:

  1. Dedicated to living a fully spiritual life.
  2. Completely non-judgmental
  3. Genuinely aware that you are one with everyone (that each person is a part of you and you are a part of them)
  4. Habitually, happy, content and/or blissful.
  5. Has an affinity for the color white and tend to wear it.
  6. Lives a life of serving others.
  7. Deeply devoted to the Divine.
  8. Typically practices spiritual rituals regularly.
  9. Practices non-violence (may resist, but only with non-violence).


Two iconic Crown Chakra Personalities are: the Dalai Lama and Gandhi.

Remember this is a very rare personality type (as the main energy). It’s more commonly a complimentary personality type that is combined with another.

Do you see yourself or someone else in this one?

Please share here on my youtube channel.

Much love and many blessings,


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1 thought on “Are You a Crown Personality Type? Here Are the Signs”

  1. Hi Vickie…thanks for another great video! I am definitely strong in the Crown Chakra area, and I would say it’s my guiding Light, and the one I always “default” to. It is the most natural to me. So overall, I think that I learned I have a strong connection to the Divine, but have experienced issues in grounding them, and thus have work to do on the lower chakras.

    Thank you so much – this video series has been a lot of confirmation of my own observations! Have a great week! 🙂

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