Are You a Root Chakra Personality Type? Check Out These Traits

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week, we begin another series — this time on the signs of the Chakra Personality Types.

Most of us like to live in one (or maybe a couple) chakras more than the others and this results in a recognizable traits. So a person’s personality can potentially tell us a lot about their chakras.

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to go over the most obvious traits for each Chakra Personality Type and name one iconic (famous) person as an example of each one.

Keep in mind that most people — and probably you — are a mixture of several different types. But I am providing the most archetypal example I can so you’ll get a sense of what kinds of traits are related to each chakra.

The root is the red chakra that is related to our tailbone, legs and feet (and testes for the men). Developing mostly in the first seven years of our lives, it’s responsible for our sense of safety and security and is related to home, overall health, family, career and money (especially regarding financial stability).

Here Are the Signs of a Root Chakra Personality:

  1. Talks slower
  2. Moves slower
  3. More relaxed
  4. Funny (and very observant of the human condition)
  5. Humble and self-deprecating
  6. Strong, sturdy or stocky
  7. Gains weight or muscle more easily than others
  8. Deeper voice (relative to gender, of course)
  9. Great manifestor (navigates the physical world well)
  10. Magnetic (draws people in)
  11. Loves routine and has lots of “favorite” things
  12. Loves home, travels less than the other types
  13. Often works too much
  14. Feels family is very important
  15. Is very loyal (I forgot to mention this in the video)
  16. Loves sleep and sleeping in (I forgot this too)

Who is the most iconic Root Chakra Type ever? John Wayne. And if you want a female example, look at Oprah Winfrey.

I love root chakra personality types!  Don’t you?!

Is this (or most of this) you or someone you know?

Please comment below — or for a quicker response — on my youtube channel here.

Much love and many blessings,


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6 thoughts on “Are You a Root Chakra Personality Type? Check Out These Traits”

  1. …a very cool way to assess personality types! I picked out Oprah right away after reading your email, and then I came here and saw the name as the female representative; she indeed embodies many of those traits…as for John Wayne, well, now that you mention it…I see that, too! 🙂

    Thanks for this video series – I’ll look forward to 1) searching for those qualities in a very root-connected person and 2) trying to emulate them a bit more, since I need the extra assistance; and 3) catching your other videos in this series, thanks!

    Blessings to you, Vicki!

  2. Hi Zora, I love how you actually DO my suggestions and exercises honey. It’s clear you’re not just learning about your chakras, but embodying them. Good for you!! xoxo, Vicki p.s. If you comment on my youtube channel, I can reply faster — and more people will see your insights.

  3. Firstly, I guessed John Wayne at the get-go and these guessing games are not my strength, usually. That was fun! Also, I did your Lam exercise and noticed that a pain that was in my leg seemed to disappear. Cool, Vicki! And as always, I LOVE your energy, so very sweeeeet!

  4. Hi Lilly,
    I don’t know her that well — what do you think? Seems like she’s a real mixture. Her lineage as well as her seem to have a big mix of root and sacral (addiction and artistry) which are opposites and therefore cancel each other out quite a bit… Her destiny number is a 1 (root), but her birthday is loaded with 2s (sacral), so we see the same thing there too.

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