Do You Have a Throat Chakra Personality? Here Are the Signs

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In this series on Chakra Personality Types, we are now entering the “upper chakras” – the realm of the spiritual. Do you have a Throat Chakra Personality?

The blue throat chakra resides in the middle of your throat and it’s related to your authenticity, honesty, honor, communications and life purpose. This is where we take things up a notch integrity-wise. The Sankrit name for the throat chakra is “visuddha” which means “purity.”

You can think of the throat as a sort of filter – just look how much more narrow it is than the rest of the body below it! This is where we rise to a higher calling and realize what a huge affect our word has on ourselves and others.

Here are the signs that you have a throat chakra personality:

  1. You’re a great communicator.
  2. You’re an inspirational speaker (and also an inspirational person).
  3. You express yourself in a myriad of different media like speaking, writing, playing an instrument, painting, etc.
  4. You’re spiritual in your own unique way (awareness of the oneness of all reality).
  5. You’re good at keeping your word.
  6. You’re clear on your life purpose and what you’re here to do.
  7. You’re an innovator.
  8. You don’t like to be put in a box. You typically avoid the 9-to-5 type schedule.
  9. You love freedom and autonomy.
  10. You may find it challenging to be faithful in a monogamous relationship (as you prefer freedom in intimacy).
  11. You have the vision and skills needed to create positive change in the world.
  12. You have a strong, pleasing voice.

Who do you think is the iconic throat chakra person?

I have chosen Martin Luther King, Jr., because he fits so perfectly. He was a reverend with a big vision of how he wanted to positively change America (and the world) and he set those changes in motion.

John F. Kennedy Jr. was also a big throat chakra personality too. He had a vision of making us a better country and he inspired Americans to be better.

Are YOU a throat chakra personality? Please comment below, or for a faster response, please do so here on my youtube channel.

Thanks for being uniquely YOU!!

Love and blessings,


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5 thoughts on “Do You Have a Throat Chakra Personality? Here Are the Signs”

  1. Thank You Vickie for sharing Sedona with us and you have described me well.
    Faithful? Extremely and beyond when I should give up.
    I practice daily Reiki and teach.

    I wonder if you can shed light on this: since December 19, 2017, My voice went out, no illness, just gone! After lunch with five cousins. About three months ago imy voice came back and is harsh and raspy.

    Reiki, medical treatments, allergists, lots of well then let’s try this!!

    I believe there must be a throat chakra message for me, I am just not getting it!

    What do you think about this puzzle? I share with my voice and speak up when urged by Holy Spirit.

  2. Absolutely yes as a writer and a free spirit throat chakra is my strongest trai/ embodiment and it also happens to be my Achilles’ heel at the same time.

    Thanks Vicki! I’m loving your videos and you definitely seem to be a throat chakra girl.

  3. Hi Vickie: I have always been very strong in the Throat Chakra area, and it’s always played a big role in my life, as I fit EVERY single one of those traits that you mentioned, especially speaking “the truth”. Because of a few episodes where the other people did not appreciate my boldness (haha) my challenge has always been to refine the way I delivered it, because without fail, the person to whom I was communicating would never be able to either argue, or to refute what I was saying. Luckily, I am also a heart-centered person, so my intentions are always to bring about a clarity, to clear the air and to bring peace…so I am happy to say, today, that I feel as if I am doing really well with my “purpose”, and that I am “on the right path”. So, once again, thank you for sharing this information! Blessings! 🙂

  4. From here, I really can’t say, honey. Have you tried wearing my throat chakra healing tattoo? Also, my voice teacher, Roger Love, would say practice every day dropping your tongue and opening your jaw and imitating the yogi bear voice. Your throat chakra is asking you to open more and these are some ways to do it. xoxo

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