Are You Spiritually Aware or Unconscious? Here Are 4 Signs


Video Source: Chakra Boosters Youtube Channel

Last week, I attended Matt Kahn’s Soul Convergence in Portland, Oregon and it was an amazing experience. It was Matt’s last 5-day event, as he is shifting to 3-day events, and we went deep. It seemed like things were shifting in a big way for all of us!

Matt covered a ton of wonderful topics, so I could never summarize it all in a blog. But I can share one of my favorite parts of his talks where he outlined some indicators that show you if you’re being conscious or unconscious in your behavior (and for a look at Matt’s view of Law of Attraction, watch this video).

Before you read this further, please be sure that you are in a space of self-love. I would never want you to use lists like the one below — or any of my other lists — to judge yourself. That would defeat the whole purpose of it, which is to grow and expand (because when we judge ourselves, we only contract).

Please picture or feel your sweet little inner child within you and create a loving connection as you watch this week’s video (above) and look into these areas of your behavior. I know I’d like to be better at all of them (but I’m not judging myself for being where I’m at because that won’t help me expand!).

These sorts of lists are fun for me, because they give me specific goals to reach for that make my personal growth feel like a playful game.

Can you make this a game?

Here are Matt Kahn’s 4 Signs That You’re Conscious or Unconsciousas interpreted and shared by me:

  1. Do you get easily and quickly irritated, frustrated or just plain triggered by others? If so, you’re being ruled by your unconscious.
  2. Do you take genuine, generous interest in others (starting with your loved ones)? If so, you’re being conscious.
  3. Can you fully receive genuine compliments? If so, you’re consciously allowing your heart to be open.
  4. Can you honor the space needed for spiritual processes (for yourself and others)? If so, you’re being conscious.


Watch the video above to learn more about each one of these.

And perhaps, pick one that you want to focus on for the next week.

Just one. And then see how conscious you can be with it.


Love and blessings,


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