Are You a Solar Plexus Chakra Personality Type? Find Out Now

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We are now on week three of my video series on the seven different Chakra Personality types. That means we are stepping into the FIRE of the solar plexus chakra.

Keep in mind as you read this (and watch the video) that we are all a mix of chakra personality types and take note of the one(s) that seem(s) to describe you the best.

Looking at personality traits is just another fun way to assess your (and other’s) chakras. And if you learn these types well, you’ll be able to know a fair amount about a person’s energy field just from observing their personality.

The solar plexus chakra is the yellow, fiery chakra in the middle of your solar plexus (hence the name) and it’s archetype is the warrior, so many of the traits of the Solar Plexus Personality Type are those of the brave fighter.

Here Are Some of the Signs of a Solar Plexus Chakra Personality:

  1. Moves (and talks) quickly
  2. Motivates people
  3. Charismatic (and can be a bit overwhelming energetically)
  4. Big and bold (aka “larger than life”)
  5. Courageous
  6. Unintentionally self-centered (in a childlike way)
  7. Passionate
  8. Likes competition (but is a good loser)
  9. Strives for excellence
  10. Is quite opinionated (knows likes and dislikes well)
  11. Has lots of will power
  12. Makes decisions easily
  13. Likes being the center of attention

The last four were not on the video. I always like to give you more in these blog posts (good for you for reading!).

Can you guess the iconic person who best fits these traits?

Tony Robbins!

Of course, Tony doesn’t have any of the shadow (negative) side of this personality type, because he has a super strong sacral and heart energies surrounding his solar plexus. He’s a pisces (water) with an “11” destiny, so he has quite a bit of empathic, sacral chakra energy, and he has been feeding hungry people (millions upon millions) since he was in high school.

The man has a heart that is bigger than the state of Texas. And when the neighboring chakras of a super strong chakra are also very strong, you end of with good chakra balance. And that’s Tony — a man who is a real gift to our planet — and who has personal transformation events that are as big as rock concerts!

So, are you a Solar Plexus Chakra Personality Type?

Leave a comment here on my youtube channel — or any questions you may have. It’s so fun when we dialogue about the chakras!

Create an amazing week!

Love and blessings,


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7 thoughts on “Are You a Solar Plexus Chakra Personality Type? Find Out Now”

  1. Vickie – another great explanation on Chakra Personality Types! I agree with your choice of Tony Robbins as a Solar Plexus type…he is the quintessential example, isn’t he? VERY inspiring! 🙂

    I would say that I am NATURALLY a Solar Plexus type, but this is where I add that it’s one chakra which has been “sabotaged” during my life, due to some power-stealing episodes and traumas that I am currently healing. I might add that the Solar Plexus personality is my POTENTIAL…and something I am working every day to restore. I want to leave my visible mark on this world in a positive way, and I think healing my bottom three chakras is a huge step toward my personal restoration.

    Thank you for these videos! Blessings! 🙂

  2. Delila Jahn-Thue

    Yup. And my favorite color has always been my favorite color. Love Tony too! Great info.thanks!

  3. I am definitely a solar plexus chakra personality and have been working to balance with the sacral. Thank you Vickie. This was very helpfully there something I can work with to get balance with that unmeaning to be selfish aspect of this personality type? I feel sacral work is the key. Your thoughts?


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