Do You Have a Third Eye Chakra Personality? Here Are the Signs

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Welcome to the sixth video in this series on Chakra Personality Types. This week, I’m going to describe the personality that comes from living out of your third eye chakra (aka your 6th chakra) more than any other.

Keep in mind that as we move up into the last two chakras, the number of people who live predominantly out of these chakras significantly decreases because most of us are more immersed in the physical world than in the spiritual. But there are more and more people coming into their psychic abilities and connecting fully to the Divine in this time of planetary awakening, so it’s quite likely you could be a mix of this one and another.

Also remember that as we get closer to the totally unified energy of the crown chakra (6th and 7th chakras), the number of traits on my lists goes way down, because their is more oneness and less diversity.

The third eye chakra is also known as the brow chakra because it is located above and between the eye brows. Its color is indigo and it’s the highest feminine chakra. It’s all about intuition, psychic abilities, balanced perspective, connection to one’s Higher Self, appreciation of beauty and fairness and deep insight and imagination.

So, that being said…

Here are the Signs You Have a Third Eye Chakra Personality:

  1. Strong intuition (that you follow!)
  2. Psychic skills – (feeling others or seeing the future)
  3. Can easily take multiple perspectives
  4. You’re very fair (and make a good judge)
  5. You can be overwhelmed by beauty in life (as it touches you so deeply)
  6. People tend to come to you for advice
  7. You can visualize easily
  8. You have a great imagination
  9. You live more from your inner word than the external (“real”) world

Since our culture tends to marginalize psychic skills, we don’t have too many iconic people to pick from as examples. I’ve chosen my favorite, Sonia Choquette (intuitive and author of over 20 books), and I know a lot of people love Doreen Virtue, the angel expert.

For a male example, we can look back in history and we find Edgar Cayce who was a very famous medical intuitive.

Are YOU or someone you know a Third Eye Personality Type?

Please let me know here on my Youtube Channel. And if you have any related questions, feel free to ask them there too (as I respond quickest there — and more people benefit from the answers).

Love and blessings,


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2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Third Eye Chakra Personality? Here Are the Signs”

  1. Now THIS one is my strongest one so far! This describes me to a “T”, and it’s every single one of those points. I AM a Libra (Aries moon), so it could describe that “Scales of Justice” and balance thing, as well. But all my life, many OTHER Libras have commented on my strength in all these areas. Hmmm….perhaps I could find a way to use this even more in my life! Thanks Vickie, these are amazing videos in this series!

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