Do You Have a Heart Chakra Personality? Here Are the Signs

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Welcome to our fourth personality type in this series: The Heart Chakra Personality.

The heart is the middle chakra of our energy field so it is your energetic balance point. That is why love is so important to us humans. It’s basically our essence;  our set point.

The heart chakra is green and its secondary color is pink. The element here is easy-breezy air, and the qualities are the ones an unconditionally loving mother so easily demonstrates: love, compassion, kindness, patience, peace, forgiveness and gratitude. The heart is also the energy center of healing, since the heart’s energy moves down the arms and out the hands.

Here are the signs that you have a heart chakra personality:

  1. You’re motherly and enjoy taking care of people.
  2. You’re a natural healer. Rub your hands together and see how easily and quickly you generate heat.
  3. You have extra awareness of your hands and may have elegant hand gestures.
  4. You are graceful (yes, this includes you heart chakra MEN too).
  5. You relate to animals, especially the type that get close to humans, because they are such great teachers of love and bonding.
  6. You tend to love nature.
  7. You’re open-minded.
  8. You rarely judge others.
  9. You’re generous.
  10. You’re so forgiving that it’s almost impossible to hold a grudge.
  11. You’re drawn to do charity work.

Who do you think is the iconic heart chakra person?

I have chosen Princess Diana, because she totally personified love, charity and motherhood. I decided not to pick Mother Theresa here — because she was a nun and I wanted to point to a “normal” person — someone who had a very relatable personality (still, I am aware that it’s not all that common to be an official princess).

Are you a heart chakra personality?

I’d love for you to comment below. Now that we’ve covered half of the seven chakras, you may already be getting of what kind of chakra personality type mix you are. Let me know!

And if you have any questions, leave them on my youtube channel here, and I’ll get an answer to you.

Big heart chakra love and blessings,


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14 thoughts on “Do You Have a Heart Chakra Personality? Here Are the Signs”

  1. Really enjoying these profiles. So far I’m a heart, but waiting for the rest. I know I need to strengthen my lower chakras, tend to live in the sky… Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Vicki, for all you do to help us! Just had to make a comment re Diana. I would hardly say that she didn’t judge or that she forgave easily when it came to both Charles and the royal family in general! I think the whole TV interview where she aired all her personal family issues was quite the opposite of that and in very poor taste. Just saying 🙂

  3. Hi Vicky I believe to live a life unlimited is too have a healthy balance in our travels in the universe raising above being lifted I am a Empathic person and can be sensitive finding one’s clarity and focuse in life is knowing you’re worthy of better things taking small achievable steps I believe in the God connection have seen miraculous Healings though Prayer faith can move mountains also having a healthy perspective is core to person centred healing mediation is a great source and richness

  4. I am definitely mainly a Heart Chakra personality by nature. All of the above describes my natural self. I must say, though, that I have recently been going through a phase where I have been withdrawing from too many close relationships, as I needed to create clear boundaries…regain my power (so focus on Solar Plexus is big for me right now)..and it is truly a lonely thing to do this practice! I really would love to get back to just being myself, open and loving and freely giving of my love…but even to this day, some still don’t quite “get it” that someone could be so generous with their love.

    Nonetheless, I intend to find a healthy balance 😉

    Princess Diana was my guess too! She absolutely embodied that!

    Thanks Vickie! All the best!

  5. Thank you Vickie! YES yes yes! I am definitely a heart chakra personality. I am loving this video series and appreciate you doing this for us ???

  6. Hi Vicki,

    Truly wonderful video – I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve seen it in my inbox for a few days now and knew I had to watch it and now I know why.

    I feel/demonstrate and live all of the traits you mentioned as being a heart chakra person.

    I mean every single one! And anyone who knows me would recognize me in each one of them as well, truly amazing!

    After 56 years of being asked “why are you always mothering everyone, why do you rescue so many animals when you can’t even afford it, why do you give away money to strangers, why do you talk with your hands, why do you say you’ve never met a stranger, why are you so open to everything no matter what, and why don’t you hold judgments or make assumptions about anyone or anything?”

    For years, my answer was always the same, “I guess it’s my personality” mind you, this wasn’t always said to me in a positive way, many times, I seemed to really annoy people because they felt I lived in the ether and didn’t see life as it really was.

    I fell back to planet earth more than a few times in various attempts to fit in, but it never lasted and now I love the skin I’m in and the way I am and make no more apologies or explain myself away.

    And you’ve just now confirmed that I’m simply a heart chakra person! Go figure! Lol

    Thank you once again my friend for being a wonderful bearer of the light and for making my day a little bit brighter because you are in it.

    I’m leaving for Peru at the end of April for two weeks to attend an Ayahuasca retreat there and will be purchasing some of your chakra tattoo’s and other items for myself and as gifts for the shaman and others I will be meeting at the retreat.

    Blessings ~

  7. I’m so glad you’re comfortable now being you Anna — because nobody else can do it but YOU. I can feel your presence adds a little more love to our planetary mix. Yayyyy! Thanks for sharing my healing tattoos in Peru — woo hooo. Two things honey: use this 25% discount code: FRIENDDISCOUNT and make sure to order way in advance so you have them in time (as Sedona mail can be a bit pokey at times). xoxoxo, Vicki

  8. I LOVE how you’re striving for a healthy balance, Zora. We often get confused and call our “normal self” the part of us that created an identity to get our needs met (we have ALL done that). But once you get past the discomfort of stretching, you actually open up MORE of your TRUE unlimited Self! I applaud your path, Zora! xoxo, Vicki

  9. Missed that one, Alison. He he. So I can’t really comment on that. But I do want to be clear that sometimes when it comes to old family tribes that can be a bit stifling, it can be important to first speak our truth. The body needs to go through it’s honest process first, then the forgiveness can be genuine and not just Spiritual Bypassing. Clearly, by the reaction to her death, the public forgave Di. xoxo

  10. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking Joao, but heart and third eye are the two highest feminine chakras so yes they do go together well. 🙂

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