Your November 2020 Energy Forecast: Intense Shake Up!


If 2020 has been an intense and dynamic symphony, the full Taurus blue moon on Halloween feels like the crescendo.

The theme of ushering in the New Age and the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine continues. If you’ve been following my energy forecasts for the last two months, you know I’ve been focusing on Venus and how the Divine Feminine has been taking the lead in our daily lives (IF we’ve let her).

If you haven’t seen those videos, they’re worth watching now. Because this month’s forecast feels like act three to the forecasts of September and October:

September 2020 Energy Forecast

October 2020 Energy Forecast

In the November Energy Forecast (above), I share three main themes and I share several key astrological events (in more detail than this post).

The most important event for November is actually the October 31 full blue moon in Taurus at 7:59 am Pacific. Even though it falls a day before the month begins, it kicks-off November in a big way.

And the two most important aspects of this full moon are:

  1. Uranus is exactly conjunct the moon at 8 degrees of Taurus. Uranus is the planet of big revolutionary shifts. And liberation. Taurus is the sign of feminine, embodied, earthly change. And 8 is the number of healing, power, embodiment and leadership. My guides showed me that Uranus will definitely be shaking things up, but the changes will be pretty inevitable. Because they’ll be related to shifts you’ve already seen coming but likely weren’t ready to fully step into. This full moon will be the catalyst that will lead you there — or at least give you permission to GO there. What does that mean for you? What positive, freedom-enhancing spiritual energies have been brewing in your world for the last couple months?
  2. Mercury retrograde is square Saturn. This aspect is not so incredible on its own, but when you consider Mercury’s arc throughout the month, it tells a story. And that story is about our communication and thinking evolving into a more mature, responsible and boundaried way of relating to ourselves and others. Mercury and Saturn are at odds (squared) at the beginning of the month and they’re sextile (harmonious) at the end. Also, Mercury is moving backward at the beginning of the month and it’s direct at the end. Mercury is literally making a 180 degree turn around/shift this month — and its movement gives us a big chance to evolve.

The other important astrological events of the month are:

November 3 – Mercury goes direct in Libra. How interesting that Mercury begins moving forward again on the day of the U.S. elections — and in a sign of fairness and justice. It could lead to an outcome that purports to have more equality — or (probably more likely) to delays and complaints about the justice/functioning of the system all together. Actually, it could bring about both.

November 12 – Jupiter is conjunct Pluto (in Capricorn) for the 3rd time in 2020. This marks the completion of an auspicious 3-part event of you expanding (Jupiter) your true transformation and power (Pluto). Look to the other dates of this conjunction — April 4 and June 30 — to uncover the story behind this powerful alignment. What did you begin around April 4? And how has that progressed? Where was it at June 30? You may find a key aspect of this project or learning unfolding and/or culminating on November 12 when the third conjunction happens.

November 13 – Mars finally goes direct in Aries again. Try to take a cautious approach to bringing your action-oriented, goal-focused masculine back online. Mars has had a chance to mature — or get annoyed about feeling blocked — over the last couple months and how you bring that energy back into your life will determine if you anchor your Sacred Masculine into your life in a whole new, more mature way.

November 14 – New Moon in Scorpio at 9:07 pm creates an opportunity to set new intentions in the following areas:

  1. Sexuality and all things sacral-oriented.
  2. Transformation
  3. Power

November 30 – The month ends with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. Full moons are about culminations and lunar eclipses only magnify that. So this will be a big celebration of us arriving in a new place — in regard to Gemini things like communication, thinking/ideas, media and understanding our duality.

In particular, the full moon is asking us to take stock of how our communication and thinking have changed throughout the month. With the amazing full circle journey that Mercury is making, it feels like we will have cause to celebrate a whole new way of relating to our self and others.

Finally, please watch the video to discover the two Goddess cards I pulled for the first and second half of the month. They’re inspirational.

November’s an intense and powerful month, Dear One.

Be brave during this Halloween season and you’ll find yourself stepping into a whole new life!

Love, joy and blessings,

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  • Jones
    November 1, 2020

    Hats off to you dear AMAZING Spiritual Warrior. I am sure the Journey Henceforth will be Pleasant and spiritually energized. My whole hearted admiration and thanks to you. May the Holy Spirit shower upon you abundant grace to carry out your dedicated mission.

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