Is Your Third Eye Money Lens Healthy?


This is part of a series I shot with The Mindful Millionaire author, Leisa Peterson. In this video (#6) we’re looking at the core belief of the third eye chakra and how it affects your prosperity.

If you haven’t seen the other videos of this series, please check them out here:






Your third eye chakra is your highest embodied chakra. Its Sanskrit name is “ajna” which means “command.” And it’s like the command center of your body. The consciousness here is full and wise. Your masculine (pingala) and feminine (ida) energy channels move up your chakras and unite at the third eye.

In other words, the duality of your chakra energies come into unity here. This creates a feeling of equanimity, connection and feminine wisdom.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that after years of working with financial clients, Leisa Peterson has come to see the Third Eye financial perspective as the integrative lens.

It’s here that you experience your “enoughness” — or not enoughness — financially.

Enoughness is different than worthiness. The latter is a quality of the personality self. Enoughness goes beyond feeling worthy or not worthy.

Overactive Third Eye Chakra Money Lens

So what does it look like when you deal with money from an overactive third eye chakra?

According to Leisa, it leads to far too much reliance on spiritual tools like intuition, synchronicities and crystal balls when making financial decisions. This means logic, statistics and other real world aspects like research get left in the dust.

Underactive Third Eye Chakra Money Lens

And of course, an underactive third eye chakra leads to the opposite — far too much reliance on numbers, trends and the logic of all that. And this leaves little or no room for your intuition, synchronicities and your heart’s deepest desires.

The key is to balance these two. You want to tap into your intuition and deepest integrity in regard to your financial life while also doing your research, listening to real world advice and keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

Where do you fall in the spectrum?

Just feeling into this question and bringing honest awareness to it will begin to heal and balance your integrative money lens.

And if you want to do some healing work on your third eye chakra, here are a bunch of videos for that.

May your week be full of financial ahas and expanded prosperity!

Much love and many blessings,

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