Is Your Solar Plexus Chakra Money Lens Healthy?

Find out if your solar plexus money lens is healthy. This is video number three in a money and chakras series with Leisa Peterson, the author of the Mindful Millionaire. 

We’re looking at the “money lens” perspective you take with each chakra. And we’re noticing how your money view gets distorted when each chakra is overactive or underactive.

If you haven’t seen the videos for the other chakras in this money series, you can access them here in this playlist.

Your solar plexus chakra is the yellow, fiery chakra in the core of your body, just above your stomach. It’s the center masculine chakra that I like to call “the warrior chakra.” It’s about action, courage, confidence, going after your goals and being decisive.

So it’s not surprising that the money lens here is power. And more specifically, it’s about how you manage your money. Do you over-grasp and try to control every aspect of your financial life? Or do you procrastinate and avoid financial decisions so that you’re not able to manage your money in a responsible and balanced way?

Watch the video above and discover the sweet spot of managing your money in a conscious, sound way. None of us can truly control our finances, because money is a social construct. But we can be wise about how we handle it.

If you get any ahas from our conversation, please share them here on my youtube channel, rather than on this blog, so more people can benefit from your share.

I hope this week you step into even more financial power and acquire a healthy, balanced perspective on your relationship with money.

Much love and many blessings,

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