What’s a Chakra Nexus? And How to Balance Yours


I must confess. When I was first exposed to the chakras while attending yoga teacher training, I thought they were unimportant. They seemed complex and confusing and unrelated to my day-to-day life.

But once I began teaching Anusara yoga, I started to literally see the way chakra imbalances would affect a student’s practice — including my own.

I came to see quite clearly that all of us had six bodily chakras that created the potential for balancing our masculine and feminine energies in a tangible way.

Your chakras literally create a pulsation in your body. Three are masculine (1,3,5) and three are feminine (2,4,6). Feel the rhythm of it. Your root is masculine, your sacral is feminine, your solar plexus is masculine, your heart is feminine, your throat is masculine and your third eye is feminine.

They’re designed to create masculine-feminine balance in your life!

I’m not forgetting the crown chakra here. Your crown represents your connection to the Divine realm, so it’s neither masculine nor feminine in the embodied sense (and yes, it IS masculine in a purely spiritual/Shiva sense).

As an Anusara yoga teacher, I began to see and feel the embodied way our chakras influence us. Anusara teaches about 3 key focal points — in the core of the pelvis, the bottom of the heart and the upper palette in the mouth.

These key focal points are the places where the energy moves in and out when doing yoga poses. I don’t want to get into yoga details here, since you may not be a yogi or interested in yoga.

(For yogis, the focal point for any pose is the one that is closest to the weight bearing part of the pose. This means, it’s the core of the pelvis for standing poses, the bottom of the heart for arm balances and the upper palate for headstands).

One day when I was teaching focal points, I had a HUGE “aha” as I became aware that the yoga focal points were the places where the neighboring, masculine-feminine chakras met. They were the major chakra nexuses!! That’s why doing yoga is so healing for the chakras when done with awareness.

Your chakra nexuses are the points where the energies of two of your neighboring chakras meet. And because you have six embodied chakras, there are five chakra nexus points (the points between).

I call the chakra nexuses that correspond to the yogic focal points the MAJOR Chakra Nexuses. These are the 1-2/root-sacral, 3-4/solar-heart and 5-6/throat-third eye.

I refer to the other two nexuses — the 2-3/sacral-solar and the 4-5/heart-throat — as the MINOR chakra nexuses.

One of the most powerful ways you can work with the major chakra nexuses is by doing Anusara yoga and focusing on the focal points.

Another way to work on any nexus is to simply acknowledge it and meditate on/affirm/choose to embrace the seemingly oppositional qualities in the two chakras that create it.

One very important thing to keep in mind with chakra nexus work is that the lower chakras (heart and below) need this kind of balancing the most.

The upper chakras are more in the spiritual realm (of unity), so they’re far more similar. The lower chakras are more connected to the 3D world so they have more polarity. This means they can benefit the most from embracing the both aspects of the apparent duality.

This also means that the first chakra nexus — root-sacral — has the most polarity. For all intensive purposes, these two chakras are opposites. Here are just a few of their contrasting qualities.

Chakra Nexus #1 – Root-Sacral

ROOT: Stable, hardworking, committed, organized, simple, strong, staid

SACRAL: Flowing, playful, ever-changing, choatic, complex, vulnerable, emotional

This is not an exhaustive list by any means. There are many more qualities to contrast. In fact, I challenge you to find a quality that is the same for the root and sacral.

For experiential healing of this nexus, check out my free Root-Sacral Meditative Exercise.

The key with this work is to find a way to embrace BOTH aspects of the nexus. In this case, it’s the masculine root and the feminine sacral.

Here are a just a few of the contrasting qualities for each chakra nexus (remember, as we move up, they’ll be less difference/polarity):

Chakra Nexus #2 – Sacral-Solar

SACRAL: In-the-moment, full of ease, unfocused, surrendered, feeling

SOLAR PLEXUS: Goal-oriented, driven, focused, leading, thinking

Chakra Nexus #3 – Solar-Heart

SOLAR PLEXUS: Thinking/head, focusing on differences, competitive, independent, active

HEART: Loving/heart, emphasizing similarities, cooperative, connected to others, passive (allowing)

Chakra Nexus #4 – Heart-Throat

HEART: Compassion-leads, accepting what is,

THROAT: Personal truth leads, growth-oriented,

Chakra Nexus #5 – Throat-Third Eye

THROAT: Personal truth, fighting for causes, outward focus, more vocal

THIRD EYE: Universal truth, seeing the value of all causes, inward focus, quieter

Here are some resources for becoming more aware of your (embodied) masculine and feminine:

How to Open Your Masculine Chakras

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Heal Your Divine Feminine Video Playlist

Please share YOUR experience with your chakra nexuses here on my youtube channel (for the widest sharing).

May your week be full of ahas and self-love!

Much love and many blessings,

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