Is Your Root Chakra Money Lens Healthy?


This week, I have a special treat. We’re beginning a chakra series around the energy of money and we’re doing it with a VERY special guest, Leisa Peterson, the author of “The Mindful Millionaire.”

Usually, in chakra work, we associate the root chakra with money. That’s because the root chakra is the energy center that’s related to manifestation and the physical world.

Leisa Peterson takes us deeper. She says that ALL of our chakras affect our relationship with money. Every chakra has a “money lens” through which we see our finances. And when all of our chakra money lenses are healthy and balanced, we have a strong, happy relationship with prosperity.

In this video, Leisa and I discuss the Root Chakra Money Lens of scarcity.

If you have an overactive root chakra, there is a fear that you might become a bag lady, so you deal with scarcity in a grasping way. This means you try to amass as much wealth as you can, believing that will lead to more security.

And if your root chakra is underachieve, you do the opposite and avoid dealing with money all together. You might call this one “the head in the sand” approach.

Watch the video above to learn more about the polarity of these two root chakra money lenses. You’ll also discover some of the actual beliefs you take on when your root chakra money lens is distorted.

What’s a healthy root chakra? It’s the balance between the extremes. A place where we honor our need for security, but also realize that we can’t let the need for money run our lives. From this place, we neither avoid dealing with money nor are we obsessed with it.

It’s simply another part of our lives, a powerful tool for better living.

Love and blessings,

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You can Find Leisa Peterson here at Weathclinic.com. And you can order her book, The Mindful Millionaire here.


  • Stacey
    April 2, 2020

    Good Info and examples. Can we look into feeling guilty about spending money on yourself or just spending in general.
    Love Leisa- she’s a great addition to your videos. Please allow her to finish her thoughts and sentences – I feel like I’m missing some insight because she’s being interrupted in thought.

  • Vicki
    April 9, 2020

    I would Stacey, but unfortunately, we already shot this whole series. The upside: I’m going to do a full Mindful Millionaire interview with her this month where it will be 90% Leisa. xoxoxo

  • Brian Olson
    April 12, 2020

    Vicki, that’s too funny! I was actually thinking the same thing Stacey mentioned about allowing Leisa to finish her thoughts. I know you weren’t intentionally trying to do that as I’m sure you were as excited about the topic as Leisa. You reminded me of my wife trying to finish my thoughts except Leisa didn’t give you any dirty looks :-)) Thanks for your content. Have a great day!

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