Is Your Sacral Money Lens Healthy? Your Worthiness, Spending and Enjoyment

Hello Beautiful Soul and welcome to the second video in this Chakra ‘Money Lens’ series featuring me and Leisa Peterson of the Mindful Millionaire.

Typically, money is associated with the root chakra and the manifest world. But Leisa who worked as a financial advisor for a large part of her life, says that every chakra affects how we deal with money.

This week, we’re focusing on how your sacral chakra can affect your relationship with money. In particular, we’re talking about what your financial tendencies look like when you’re overactive or underactive in your sacral chakra.

Your sacral chakra is your lowest feminine chakra. This means it’s pretty much the opposite of your lowest masculine chakra, the root. Whereas the root chakra is all about work, stability, planning and order, the sacral chakra is about play, change, spontaneity and chaos.

It’s orange, resides in your pelvic bowl and relates to the element of water. It’s associated with the embodied Divine feminine and your emotions, creativity, fertility, intimacy, sensuality, spontaneity, ease and joy. It’s the childlike chakra that simply wants to play and have a good time.

What does your money life look like when you have too much sacral energy?

You overspend and ‘live for the moment.’ If you don’t have much income, you go into debt. And if you’re lucky enough to make a lot of money, you may simply break even and live paycheck-to-paycheck.

When your sacral chakra is underactive, the opposite occurs. You find it difficult to spend on yourself and to actually enjoy the money you earn. You’re obsessed with saving for a “rainy day.”

Leisa says in both cases, you’re acting out a sense of not being worthy of having and enjoying money.

So you can probably guess what the healthy sacral relationship to money looks like. It’s about spending and saving in a balanced way. You know you’re worthy of enjoying the money you make and that you’re also worthy of having some security in the form of a nest egg.

In this video, Leisa also talks about how we sometimes use shopping to avoid processing difficult emotions. At the end of the video, she shares a touching story about the big sacral-money “aha” moment she had when her mother was dying of cancer. It’s a sweet admission that will have you forever questioning the reasons you shop.

After you watch the video, please take a moment to share your thoughts here on my YouTube channel. We want to know what resonated (or didn’t) with you.

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Have a blessed week!


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  1. Dearest Vicky,
    Thank you for this wonderful video about Sacral chakra and money lens
    Good eye opener! xoxo❤️

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