Try This Fun, Effective Chakra Healing Technique (Lady Gaga Aced It!)


Chakra healing techniques don’t have to be hard, boring or sanctimonious. They can actually be fun! In fact, studies show we learn and change more readily when we’re having a good time.

So this week, I’m focusing on a chakra healing technique that’s very playful and surprisingly effective. Done right, it won’t just heal your chakras, but supercharge them!

Stefani Germanotta did it when she created Lady Gaga, and I did it in the summer of 2018 when I created Serena Amanti.

Have you figure out what this powerful chakra healing technique is?

It’s quite simple — you just create an altar ego.

Please notice I didn’t write “alter ego” but “altar ego.”

Our culture tends to look at alter egos in a somewhat negative way. An ALTAR ego is the flip-side of that. It’s a persona that reflects your highest potential. You choose it because it allows you to blasts past any limitations you put on your day-to-day identity.

It’s play acting your way into embodying the very best of yourself, and it works.

In a 2020 interview with Oprah, here’s what Lady Gaga said about creating her powerful stage persona back when she only saw herself as Stefani Germanotta:

“It was in creating Gaga that I was able to create a superhero for myself. It was a vision for the me that I wanted to be. I wanted to be confident. I wanted to be filled with self-compassion. I wanted to be filled with compassion for others. And I wanted to share my story and my vision of the world with the world.”

And in that same interview, she shared how eventually she (Stefani) truly merged with Gaga.

There are two basic types of altar egos you can choose to incorporate into your life. The first kind is the full altar ego that replaces your current identity (as Lady Gaga did for Stefani).

And the second type of altar ego is the partial one that informs, rather than replaces, your full identity. I created this kind of altar ego when I wanted to experience more sacral chakra/Divine feminine energy moving through me. I didn’t want to replace Vicki Howie, but I wanted to influence her by emphasizing another part of myself that I didn’t experience often enough.

As part of a solar plexus chakra class taught by my friend, Alexander Fairmen/James Seriph, I created an altar ego. The process truly shifted me, so I’m going to share some key things for you to do if you’d like to create one of your own.

Things to Do When Creating an Altar Ego

  1. Create a name. Names have meaning and energetic power. If you know numerology, you may even want to choose a name that has the numerological meaning as well as denotational meaning that you want for your altar ego.
  2. Create a backstory. It can be a normal sort of real world history for your character or it can be a mythical one.
  3. Find an outfit (or a few) that really make you feel like your altar ego.
  4. Create a piece of art or form of communication in the voice of your altar ego.
  5. Tell the world about your altar ego and show up as him/her as often as you feel inspired to do so.

I’ll use my process as an example of going through these steps.

I named my altar ego Serena Astarte Amanti because “Serena” reminded me of serene (which felt sacral to me). And it also reminded me of the word siren, which is exactly what what she is. Her middle name is that of the Phoenician Goddess of Love. And her last name also means “lovers” in Italian.

Here’s the backstory I created for Serena. Or more accurately, the backstory that created itself through me. It felt like automatic writing. Feel free to check it out.

I knew the kind of dress I wanted for Serena, but when it was time (in the course) to actually find her outfit, I was on a ship at sea. How serendipitous to be solidifying my siren altar ego while at sea!

Basically, I had to find her dress in a small coastal Italian town where it should not have existed. Ah, another serendipity — I was in an Italian port when I was supposed to look for the right dress for my Italian altar ego.

The day I needed to find it, it looked like there was no way I could succeed. A friend and I scoured Livorno, but nothing was even close. Until, as night drew near, I found IT — the PERFECT dress — in a little booth in a street market!! I couldn’t believe it. You can see the dress here where I have the backstory (if you scroll down the page).

Creating Serena shifted my sacral energy deeply. I saw my relationships with the men in my life change greatly. And still, my work (play!) continues as I integrate her more and more.

So what altar ego do YOU want to create? If you have a chakra that you want to boost in a fun, yet profound way, consider creating a persona that embodies that energy.

Here’s my playlist for all the different iconic personality types for each chakra. Watch it if you need some inspiration.

Then, just go for it and have fun!!

Feel free to comment on your altar ego here or on my youtube channel. Sharing your character in public makes him/her more real.

Much love and many blessings,


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