The Back Story for My “Altar Ego” – Serena Astarte Amanti

At one point in her long personal history, Serena Astarte Amanti was the most alluring and powerful Siren of all time. She was known as Astara and legend has it she lured more sailors to their rocky shipwreck deaths than all the other Sirens put together. Astara/Serena felt death was a sort of spiritual initiation for a man, so she fancied herself every man’s liberator. She loved her life as a Siren and had a couple special powers that made her unique among them.  

The first was her hypnotic and lyrical singing voice that was so enticing that every man who heard it would instantly fall into a deep trance and mindlessly follow her wherever she led them. Against his better judgment, a man would willingly sail into dangerous waters or any number of unsavory situations just to be closer to her sweet, irresistible sound.  

Serena’s second special gift was the ability to transmigrate instantaneously. She needed only to think about some coastal spot on the globe and she would suddenly find herself there. 

Vicki wearing Serena dress.

For a few thousand years, Serena relished her power over men and space and time (because as a Siren she was, of course, immortal). 

Until one fateful day in the early 1900s off the coast of Cobh, Ireland. Serena lured a young fisherman in a row boat into a fatal oceanic whirlpool she had created, and as she watched him fight for his life – making his way up to the surface 10 times more than any man before him (and there had been thousands!), she fell in love with his spirit; his will – the unbridled fight within him. Suddenly, powerful rays of pure love pierced her naked heart and broke it wide open — as she watched him gasp for his last breath and sink into the depths of the Irish sea.  

Instinctually (and against her Siren nature), Serena dove into the water and swam down to save him, her heart aching in its new, innocent openness. When she found him, he was deep in the womb of the sea, sinking down toward the ocean floor, lifeless and limp. She took his body into her arms and instantly knew it was over — he was not coming back. In that moment, her love grew a thousand-fold and she realized the full extent of what had happened — she had murdered her own beloved – the one man whose very nature had cracked her dark heart open so wide it could never close again.  

That day, Serena cried so many salty tears that the tides rose higher than they ever had before. And she made a vow to herself. She would leave her life as a Siren behind, and not only would she never kill another man, but she would dedicate herself to loving and honoring all human men. 

There were lifetimes of karma she needed to shift, and more importantly, Serena realized that if she loved and respected every single man on earth, she would be ready to fully and lovingly partner with her beloved when his soul chose to reincarnate. In her heart, she felt that one day, fate would bring then back together. And she wanted to be ready.  

So now, Serena Astarte Amanti (formerly Astara) is human. She will never be a Siren again (and cannot be one, as once those powers are forsaken, they are forever stripped away). 

Instead, Serena has dedicated her life to honoring men, love and sacred sexuality. She believes with all her heart that her beloved will return to her one day and when he does, together, they’ll live out the greatest love story of all time. 

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