Embody These 9 Divine Feminine Qualities and Heal the Toxic Feminine


Did you know that energetically, your body is half-masculine, half-feminine? It is!

Since you’re born as a particular gender, your hormones and socialization have caused your energy to move more into the masculine or feminine. Still, I think it’s nice to know that we are all set up for energetic balance.

In this week’s video, I’ll walk you through looking at your relationship to three key qualities in each of your three feminine chakras — sacral, heart and third eye.

When you’re open and balanced I these chakras, these qualities will tend to reflect the Divine Feminine. And when you’re underactive or overactive in any one of your feminine chakras, these qualities will tend to express themselves in less healthy (“toxic”) ways.

There are many reasons that we may be over- or underactive in a given chakra. The key to healing is to approach any self-assessment with love and curiosity rather than judgment and trying to fix.

You’re a spiritually-whole being. In the physical/personality realm, we sometimes close off parts of ourselves as a survival strategy. When we’re very young and some of our basic needs are not met (like being loved, accepted or appreciated), we will often adjust who we are in order to get our needs met.

The more compassionate you can be with this young part of yourself, the more easy it will be to open up parts of yourself that have closed off (if you should choose to do that).

With that in mind, here all 9 Divine Feminine Qualities along with their toxic counterparts:

Divine Feminine Qualities and Their Toxic Counterparts:


  1. Emotionally-Connected

Overactive: Emotionally Out-of-Control (run by emotions)

Underactive: Emotionally shut down/out of touch with emotions

2. Vulnerable

Overactive: Living in victim mode

Underactive: Being hard/putting on a mask (persona)

3. Sexual-Sensual

Overactive: Lacking boundaries. Indiscriminately allowing others into your physical body and space. And/or being overly flirty or too invasive of others.

Underactive: Being frigid or disinterested in sexual intimacy with self or others.


  1. Compassionate

Overactive: Codependent — Focusing on others and living your life through them.

Underactive: Isolationist and/or lacking compassion/empathy for others.2. Loving/Accepting

Overactive: Martyr (one owes me for the love given)

Underactive: Judgmental/Critical

3. Healing/Touch

Overactive: Overly needy for physical touch (vampiric/taking energy)

Underactive: Rigid and non-physical


Please note that in the upper chakras, it can sometimes be hard to find the overactive aspect of a quality. This is the area of spiritual energy, so there sometimes is not toxic aspect to these qualities.

  1. Intuitive

Overactive: Completely non-rational (good to always have a connection to the rational, even when acting from intuition).

Underactive: Overly rational and critical of those who have psychic or intuitive ways of knowing

2. Loving and Seeing Beauty

Overactive: N/A — it’s always good to see lots and lots of beauty!

Underactive: Critical of everything. Nothing is good enough.

3. Wisdom and Equinimity (no bias)

Overactive: N/A

Underactive: Prejudice

As I say in the video, this list is not exhaustive. I simply chose three of the most common traits in each of the three feminine chakras.

Perhaps we’ll explore some more in the future.

This video was mostly about assessment. If you’d like to begin creating shifts in your Divine Feminine Energy, do some shadow work. Watch the feminine chakras in this Shadow Playlist and in this Tapping/Shadow Playlist.

Also, here’s a simply fun video on how to physically embrace your Divine Feminine (sacral) energies.

And of course, soon I’ll be sharing a similar list for the Divine Masculine and the Toxic Masculine.

Love and blessings,

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