Tap on THIS to Open Your Crown Chakra


Welcome to the final vlog post for this series where we’re tapping on the #1 shadow quality of each chakra.

If you haven’t done EFT before, check out the #1 Root Chakra Quality Video for this series to learn how to do it. It’ll also help you understand why integrating your shadow is great for releasing chakra blocks.

And here are the other chakra videos for this series:

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This playlist is helpful to watch as well: Healing Your Chakras with Shadow Integration.

We’re now at the highest and final chakra, the crown. This is the energy center that is just above the top of your head, which means it’s not embodied. And it fittingly relates to your connection to Universal Intelligence/The Divine.

It’s the chakra that actually represents a spectrum of color, rather than a single color. Where the crown chakra is closest to our physical body, it is violet and from there it moves upward and eventually turns pure white, the color of spirit, and also the color that contains all other colors (just as the crown contains all the other chakras).

Sometimes, we close our crown chakra because we’re afraid that if we have too much openness to the Divine, possibilities or even miracles, we won’t be realistic and will be unable to deal with the ‘real world.’

For that reason, I’ve chosen “unrealistic/dreamer” as our crown trait to tap on.

Ironically, once you tap on this, you should find it easier to experience both ends of the energetic spectrum — from being a grounded realist to being a faithful dreamer.

And if you tap on the other four crown shadow qualities that I mention at the end of the video, you will open your highest chakra and your relationship with the Divine even further.


Love and blessings,

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