Open Your Throat chakra – Tap on THIS Shadow Quality


Hello Beautiful Soul. We’re now on the fifth post for this series of tapping through the #1 shadow quality of each chakra. If you don’t know what shadow work is and how we can use it to heal the chakras, please check out my video playlist on that.

And if you’ve never done tapping, you’re in for a real treat! Watch the first video of this series on the #1 Root Chakra Shadow Quality where the tapping/eft is described in more detail.

Here are the others too:

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The throat is blue and it’s your highest masculine chakra that’s related to your authenticity, self-expression, purpose and honor.

The #1 shadow quality here is “liar” because we all have ways that we bend the truth or tell “little white lies.” Interestingly, when you can actually lovingly embrace the liar in you, you become more honorable and impeccable because the dishonest part doesn’t have to act out to be noticed or accepted by you. It’s already consciously integrated.

If this doesn’t seem to make sense, think of these parts of you — the ones that you’ve been taught to reject — as little children that need to be loved and seen and will act out if they feel resisted, rejected or unloved. That’s because that unconscious (child) part wants your attention/love/integration.

Tap with me on liar. In the video above, we actually measure the shift you experience around the statement, “I’m a liar.” It’s pretty cool. But no real change occurs if you just read about it here. You need to actually DO it.

After you’ve tapped on liar, you may want to do the other four main shadow qualities of the throat chakra. Each one you do will help you open up different aspects of your throat chakra.

Here Are All 5 Shadow Qualities of the Throat Chakra:

  1. Liar
  2. Aimless/Lost (lacking purpose)
  3. Inauthentic/Fake
  4. Inexpressive
  5. Crooked

Good for you for embracing more of yourself! Doing so allows you to BE more of your authentic self and express your true purpose.

And I really want that for you!

Love and blessings,

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