Open Your Heart by Tapping on THIS Shadow Quality


Hello Beautiful Soul and welcome to the fourth vlog post for this series where we’re tapping through the #1 shadow quality of each chakra. If you’re not clear as to what shadow work is and how it can we can use it to heal the chakras, please check out my video playlist on that.

And if you’ve never done tapping, you’re in for a real treat! Watch the first video of this series on the #1 Root Chakra Shadow Quality where the tapping/eft is described in more detail.

The heart is the green chakra in the middle of your chest.
It’s your middle feminine chakra (between the sacral and third eye feminine
chakras) and it relates to motherly, unconditional love and healing. This is
the home of compassion, kindness, peace, gratitude and forgiveness. And it’s
the place where you connect to everyone else in a loving, fulfilling way.

It’s also the center chakra in your energy field, so it’s
your natural balance point and your true essence (where you rest when all your
chakras are fully balanced).

When we fully love another, we sometimes say, “I love you
from the bottom of my heart.” What this means is I love you without losing myself.
Because the bottom of the heart is where your heart chakra meets your solar
plexus chakra (what I call the chakra nexus).

Sometimes, when we fall in love, we put so much focus on our beloved that we forget about ourselves. That’s okay for a day or a week, but it’s not sustainable. Because if we don’t care for and love ourselves, then we can’t show up fully for anyone else either. And we don’t have a full self to offer to our beloved either.

That’s why sometimes after we’ve had a break up, we will put a “shield” around our heart. Because we think if we allow ourselves to “fall” in love, we’re going to be taken advantage of. But the problem with putting up shields is they don’t really spare us from anything and they definitely block any new love from coming in.

The guarding/“steeling” behavior really belongs in the solar plexus chakra (where we hear about “abs of steel”). If we exercise good boundaries and maximum self-respect in the third chakra, we can remain fully open in our hearts with no chance of losing ourselves.

The truth is that the heart is a vulnerable place – and that’s good. It needs to be that way — open — if we’re going to genuinely connect with others and let them in.

That’s why the #1 shadow quality for the heart chakra is weak.

How do you feel when you say to yourself, “I’m weak?”

It probably brings up some resistance since we live in such
a masculine culture that devalues feminine openness and vulnerability.

Please rate “I am weak” from 0 to 10, then tap on it with me in the video above and watch your rating go down.

Once you’ve completed tapping through the #1 heart chakra shadow quality with me, you may want to do the other shadow qualities of this chakra on your own (like one every other day this week). Watch this video to learn more about the other four heart chakra shadow qualities (and the GIFT each one gives you). This vlog post actually lists them all so you can easily tap on them.

Thanks for being brave enough and dedicated enough to do shadow work and to uncover and integrate all that you are!

I’m sending you so much love and respect.


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  • February 20, 2020

    Hi Vicki,

    I really loved this, and need anything that can open my heart chakra.

    I am a 41-year old man who has been in a 12-step program the last two years, for adult children who grew up in alcoholic, abusive, dysfunctional homes (The ACoA program). I was raged at, harshly shamed, and controlled by my strict and stern father, and my mother drank to release all her stuffed resentments and trauma. Needless to say, my heart is shut down, and very broken. The Inner Child I was, tender, loving, sensitive, had to shut down. I love my family very much, but do not see them anymore, and it is very painful. I love them, because they too are simply wounded humans who did their best, and need healing and love too. And it hurts my broken heart so much, but it’s almost too much to bear to feel it all.

    I also don’t know how to open my heart because I fear my heart’s sadness, longing, and aching sorrow for my lost childhood, and for the loss of my family is based in unhealthy and codependent feelings. I don’t trust my love, I don’t trust that the feelings of my heart are healthy, right and safe. When grief or compassion comes, usually at times of desperation, my heart begins to cry, then shuts down, in doubt, mistrust and uncertainty. This all happens automatically. I feel stifled, stuffed, depressed, frustrated beyond belief. So much anger has come in, and so much painful, sometimes frantic overthinking. Even to mourn and grieve for my own suffering can get hijacked by my Inner Critic, who tells me it is self-pity, victimhood, and overly-indulgent.

    It feels unbearable to be so closed, and I don’t know how to address it all in my program. But I need to heal my broken heart, and I really, really, really need to grieve, and grieve ALOT. This can’t remain stuck. But it feels so stuck. And that scares me and makes me feel so alone, afraid not just of the grief trapped inside, but the WHAT IF of never releasing it is worse.

    If you have any pointers, videos, tutorials, especially with any guided EFT Tapping, I would be SO, SO grateful to hear of them. Your talk of the shadow qualities of the heart chakra feel quite accurate and got me interested.

    Please let me know if you are able to, and thank you for reading all this, I wanted to keep it shorter but got on a roll… as one does!

    Thank you so much, Vicki


    Montreal, Canada

  • Vicki
    February 24, 2020

    Hi Tim,
    I hope to offer circle work soon online. It’s very helpful for opening the heart — with other humans and for giving us a safe place to open. Stay true to yourself, Tim. Love and blessings, V-

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